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Watch Chinese Drama Crush (2021) Episode 21 English Subtitle

Chinese Drama Series –  Chinese Drama Crush

Chinese Drama series from IQYI entitled Crush. For loyal viewers, you will definitely want to watch the Crush streaming. And once again there is good news for those of you who are looking for information about the continuation of the story and Links. Watch the free streaming of Crush Episode 21 latest English subtitles in MP4, MKV, 360p, 480p, 720, and You will get 1080p here. continue ………….

When will Crush be released?

Can’t wait right? Alright, Crush Episode 21 with English subtitles is rumored to be airing soon, to be precise, in 2021. Wauuuwww. You have to be ready to stay up and stay up late for your favorite Crush drama because it will be aired.

Do not worry, I will explain in detail. Let’s go….

“Crush” (2021) tells the story of Sang Wuyan (Wan Peng), a senior who worked as an assistant in a radio station, falling in love with Su Nianqin (Evan Lin) who she met by chance at first sight. The male protagonist Su Nianqin is visually impaired and a gifted songwriter. The female protagonist Sang Wuyan had been dreaming of being a radio presenter. They fell in love and tried to guard their love, but were trapped in the limbo of happiness and the fear of losing it. Eventually, they broke up due to real-life pressure and misunderstandings. Three years later, they overcame obstacles and reconciled. This drama is adapted from Mufusheng’s novel of the same name. The lead actor Evan Lin was on iQIYI’s variety show Idol Producer in 2018 and debuted with a 5th place finish. This is his first drama. More Than Forever, the group variety show he joined, is also on iQIYI.

(source: IQIYI)

Official Trailer: Crush | 原来我很爱你 | iQiyi

Where’s the link to watch the drama Crush WHERE is it??

Calm down bro … let’s see my review below!

To be able to watch the continuation of Crush Episode 21 with English subtitles and all Crush dramas from the official Watch Link, you can access it through the IQIYI streaming service.

IQIYI is an official drama site that has hundreds of up-to-date dramas every week with HD quality reaching 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. And for sure the site is free.

Or you can click the Watch link here, 

Link to watch episode 21 of Drama Mandarin Crush Free Streaming iQIYI: Click Here

The website does not recommend watching illegal sites because there are still many free sites available to watch the results of the drama. Like from the Funimation site, iQIYI, sushi roll, -Planet, and of course from youtube.

Once again, keep in mind that watching it must be from the official channel 😊

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