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Read Your Throne Chapter 101 English Sub (Webtoon)

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This manhwa tells of Tensions rising beneath the surface of the seemingly serene Vasilios Empire, an empire ruled by the Imperial Family and the Temple. Lady Medea Solon has lost her place beside Crown Prince Eros but decides to do whatever it takes to win back what is rightfully hers. Will he reclaim his throne?

So how’s the continuation of the manhwa story?

Detailed information about the manhwa entitled Your Throne

Created by


The word “sam” comes from my birth tree, samnamu, which is assigned to my birthday in February. It’s known in English as the Japanese cedar, and holds the meaning “I live for you.” As such, it’s my hope that my works and my career will someday help the weak.

Previous Episode Spoiler

what are you doing?!!!

…I was scolding the servants under my care because they made some mistakes

you need not mind our

return to your room and I’ll

tell me why!!!!

you cannot hit them as you please

nor can you create unreasonable excuses to hit them!

…what’s going on?

she was usually clueless and just left if I said it was

regarding servants ” under my care”.

Where to read manhwa Your Throne?  You can also read the comic Your Throne Chapter 101 legally on the Webtoon with the following link:

For those of you who like to read Your Throne Chapter 101 comic or other comics, you can read it at the official webtoon link

Webtoons (Hangul: 웹툰) are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. While webtoons were mostly unknown outside of the country during their inception, there has been a surge in popularity internationally thanks in great part to most manhwa being read on smartphones. Webtoon, also known as bold comics, was created in South Korea; Daum created a webtoon portal in 2003, followed by Naver in 2004. As of July 2014, Naver published 520 webtoons and LINE Webtoons, while Daum published 434 webtoons.

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