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Read Boyfriends Chapter 72 English Sub (Webtoon)

Manhwa Boyfriends. – Read comic Boyfriends. – Chapter 72 (webtoon)

This manhwa tells the story Boyfriends. is A comic about getting yourself a boyfriend… or multiple boyfriends! Four college students begin a polyamorous relationship and navigate the adventure that is their dating life! how the story goes, read the next chapter

Author of manhwa Boyfriends.

Created by refrainbow

Previous episode spoilers

hey babe!

I’m going to the coffee shop, do you wanna come with?

oh, sorry, I’m in the middle of something.. maybe some other time?

that’s okay!

hi! my switch is still with you, right? can I have it back?

ah… I’m still not done with my island, can I borrow it for a while longer?

mm, sure!

yo, it’s my turn on the gamer couch.

wait just a minute, I’m almost done with paying off my debt for my house payment

What will happen to andy in the next episode?

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