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Fans saw the upcoming “AoE and Omega Forces hunt” film yesterday, with the release trailer. Although the game is coming to an end, the director sat down for a brief interview with IGN, to tell you that Wild Hearts allows up to three players to play a co-op, and also discussed the Karakuri craft system.

Most people who watched the movie yesterday will be curious about the spontaneous, Fortnite-like crafting system in Wild Hearts. This adolescent crafting system is designed to improve the game’s defence but rather to support and amplify this game fighting. It is also necessary to use such weapons as ballisticas and time bombs.

How To hunt the mighty beasts – Using the ancient technique of Karakuri and creating dynamic, imaginative and flexible hunting grounds. Karakuri can range from types that can be built instantly, to some which can be combined to create new Karakuri, and also types that can be used to build hunting grounds using a variety of materials.

Karakuri increase the freedom and opportunities of hunting combat and exploration in this game, so it differs from the plan to create in Fortnite, which permits the creation of enormous structures.

For those wondering why the Wild Hearts co-op only has three players, the director felt that it was the most balanced solution, since the Karakuri system provides players with unprecedented power.

When we first decided to play together, we decided to have four players. As we developed it, it was realized that the world would have had a good balance for three players to battle together and maintain a sense of tension. We also took into consideration the fact that it was easier to gather three players.

The directors also revealed that the fast-paced battle in Wild Hearts was built with a particularly acrobatic focus. While players can’t run and move, and try to get into the game, the idea is to use the Karakuri system wherever possible to strike enemies from an effective angle and with tailored approaches. Players are shown examples such as high scalable towers that allow aerial assault, and then ballistas and even bombs that make for a more destructive approach.

Wild Hearts is coming to the PS5, Xbox X|S, and the PC Feb. 17, 2023 for $69.99. A more advanced look set to be released this October 5th.

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