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Fnatic took a lead in the group A game after two days of competition in the League of Legends. The European players started the tournament a very difficult start, and sadly, it remained a mystery before it was finished.

Screengrab via Riot Games.

Their aggressive playstyle was a success for them during Worlds. However, T1 had no problems finding the right synergy, and could not execute the strategy behind its draft. Weve ranked both teams by top and bot, giving them a vote of one to 10 based on their performance in the match.


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Wunder: 8 o’clock.

Reliable performance in the top lane, impeccable composure and focus during teamfights. Wunder responded very well to the T1 aggression and ganks during the early game, and survived multiple tower dives and single-vs-one ganks on his own. However, a very unusual decision could have been made whether or not to teleport or to flank the enemy team, so it was possible to have even better managed to.

Reynork: 9:13.

Very successful in the whole game, but still very proactive. His ability to keep up with the pressure and not when the situation required him to return are the reasons for the success of his team’s success since the start of the game.

Humanoid: 9:00 a.m.

With a high, reliable performance as a single laner and as a force in teamfights. He always was right when you needed to strike a deadline, uniting his teammates under the Emperor’s banner, and reverting towards a lot of members of the enemy team. His damage was crucial in winning on the win-win situation, especially in the later stages of the match. Deutably, he kept in control his direct opponent, Faker, throughout the game, thereby helping the other members of Fnatic become more comfortable with no longer being allowed to roam.

Ahead: 8 o’clock.

You’ve got a very good performance. His confidence and his confidence in the support made him aggressive, so he increased the pressure in every trade. He demonstrated great teamfighting skills and smart positioning throughout the game, assisting his opponent with the best of his abilities. In spite of this, a large part of his success must be attributed to his teammates and how they shielded him, giving him the perfect situation for him to thrive.

Hylissang: 8.

Having constant presence gave him the freedom to take his teammates. He gave his teammates exactly what they needed to win. Landed several pivotal bubbles that allowed Razork and Upset to work their magic. However some goals were not in the synchrony with the rest of the team and others missed their mark.


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Zeus: 7:35.

Did a good early game, but never capitalized on the CS lead and lane pressure. Since a few attempts to win over the boss of the enemy, both solo and with the help of his jungler, the damage never was enough, or the timing of the attack was badly planned. Numerous unsuccessful flanks and a lack of chances to split push significantly reduced the importance of his champion in the match.

One more one.

Oner walked oner’s ear, but lost in the transition. He had a great strategy from the start of the game when he didn’t try to make friends with his opponents, but the timings were usually slightly odd. This quick rotation could have given his teammates more advantages, but instead the opposite happened. A late game proved an uphill battle against an overpowering Fnatic and its frontline, all capable of still winning a teamfight supported by Viegos resets.

You’re missing six.

A ninja in the shadows completely ignores the map. His opponent shut him down and was unable to eat on the map without fearing that his lane would be taken over by the enemy. This led to an inability to change the player’s behaviour at its final stage, exacerbated by a lack of choices for the timing of engagement. On top of that, Akali didn’t succeed in a game where only one assassination was possible.

Gumayusi: 7:00.

It’s impossible to figure out if Gumayusi could have affected the game differently. He had the time to scale with his Apollonos, but was never given the opportunity. The power spike came too late to make the teams carry.

Keria: 6 o’clock.

The performance is reliable with some active plays. His threshold was at a moment a danger to the opponents, as well as a safe place for the teammates, with the ability to save them from the worst situations and positions. In spite of the use of the lanterns, Keria couldn’t land many of his hooks. Perhaps the ability to position his opponent could have caught his opponents in a direction, and possibly secured a take down for Gumayusi.