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The Entropy Centre is scheduled to launch for Xbox 5, PC and 4G on November 3 and will go to PlayStation 5 and Xbox One via Steam on November 3. Publisher Playstack and developer Stubby Games announced. One demo is now available via Steam on PC.

It’s hard to describe how dizzying and exciting this journey has been, says Stubby Games founder Daniel Stubbington in a press release. Only two years ago, The Entropy Center was an idea that started to dance my head while trying to sleep; now it is five weeks away from the official release of the games across PC and console. I’m not sure how fans support me for the games, and I am glad to see the demo go live so that they can get a free taste of the game in an early way.

Here’s a picture of the game via Playstack:

He, for the sake of his eyes, challenges, so-called Entropy Centre. It’s a play which combines a unique puzzle mechanic, giving players a chance to take on unexpected challenges.

Players join Aria as she awakens in the bowels of the colossal Space StationThe Entropy Centre near-orbit of Earth. Two immediate problems face her: Earth has been destroyed by an extinction, and the Entropy Centre itself seems abandoned and facing the imminent collapse.

With aid of the ASTRAa handgun, it can drive object backwards with timeAria can restore the building, collapsed bridges and replace destroyed pathways and overcome complex complex puzzles to the center of the Entropy Center in hopes of surviving the apparently doomed space station and somehow find a way home.

The truth behind The Entropy Centres near collapse and the Earth’s demise is hidden in this sprawling facility. Why should Aria accept the unfortunate truth awaiting him?

Watch a new trailer below.

Trailer Trailer For Release Dates.