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Organizers of Day of the Devs released new details about what they planned to a 10th anniversary event this November. The event has two ways to participate. The first one is online, as they’re organizing a special digital event like that for the past few years. The second will be in person in San Francisco as they bring back the physical presence of the event. You can also find the details below.

Day of the devils.

Day of the Digital Showcase the 10th Anniversary of the Devs.

Day of the Devil host their next digital spectacle on November 3 via YouTube and Twitch. As for their past events, they’ll show a select group of magic indie games. The digital shows have seen an audience in more than one million, and include participation from some of the most innovative games. Day of the Devs, the last of the nineties, celebrated an epic digital show in June, in collaboration with Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, for a recap here.

  • What: Digital Showcase is the 10th anniversary day of the devs.

  • Where: YouTube and Twitch.

  • When to start November 3.

The Devs 10th Anniversary In-Person Celebration celebrates with pride.

After a three-year hiatus, Day of the Devs returns to the Midway, in San Francisco, for a new spectacular event. The year will be the BIGGEST and earliest year with a hot selection of games, music, food and free people of all ages! In the past, these celebrations showcased countless previously undiscovered gems, amongst which have become popular with popular and legendary cult classics as well as artistic oddities, and unique experiences scattered together from LED strips and flashing buttons. This year is no different. At the last event in-person, 10.000 attendees and 70 playable games were among the hundreds of titles that have been featured over the last 10 years.

  • What: Day of the 10-year anniversary of the death of the deceased and celebrating the 50th anniversary in-person event.

  • Where: The Midway | 900 york St. San Francisco (Californie) 94124.

  • When do you visit the place when you arrive? November 5, 2022

  • COVID Protocols: The Day of the Devs team plans on staying in accordance with the city of San Francisco and the Coastal Conference’s COVID-19 guidelines. Currently, guidelines don’t require proof of vaccination or use of masks indoors; however, we strongly suggest that attendees wear masks and become vaccinated before attending. Our policy is still subject to changes.