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The VCS has been unable for three years to play the League of Legends World Championship. With the difficulties in traveling due to COVID, the skilled men from Vietnam took to the biggest international event, not knowing how to return.

Today, the VCS made their triumphant return to the Worlds world stage by GAM Esports, a team that has been a long time veteran of the Vietnami scene for over two years, to earn their first place as first seed in the regions. Unfortunately for GAM, their first game back got them to star right at the second seed of the LPL, Top Esports, who turned his valiant return into a wake-up call.

Welcome back to Worlds!

While the VCS official returned to international tournaments was in a while at MSI, its representative was Saigon Buffalo and not GAM Esports. Since Worlds 2017, GAM had more than enough capacity to prove to the world in their first match of Worlds, because they haven’t been seen internationally since the opening of Worlds 2019. The event didn’t give them the right to join groups.

GAM sought to stick to the slow, rather approachive playstyle that earned TES a top-place finish in the LPL. After the full pivot, as long as the members of the GAM squad accessed their ultimates, they came together to catch the LPL representatives near their hidden spots. However, when it took a walk with the crew to a W from Tians Poppy, the team was back to reality; instead, it handed over four quick kills that turned into a near unstoppable snowball lead for TES.

Won’t we win a game by @TOP_Esports? #Worlds2022

LoL Esports (@lolesports) October 9-2022.

That teamfight, even if initiated with strength of a compass by the GAM, made their part in the favor of TES. Marks Yuumi hopping back and forth among the TES members kept them healthy enough to run through all the GAM players, while Tians Poppy ensured that engaging a SGM would be useless and so far backfire for VCS representatives.

However, following this defeat by TES, the GAMs were a win over the TES. The players have to face some of the best players that the LEC and LCK have to offer. Although the competition proved that they’re team-wide communicating very well, the chance of successfully committing to those games puts them at the very next level.

Ice, baby in ice.

One Everfrost wasn’t enough to bring to TES the win. Instead of paying attention to an item as a standard Mythic object, like the Moonstone Renewer or focusing more on damage as Ludens Tempest, Mark built a new Everfrost on Yuumi. Whatever carry he has been to, this unorthodox Mythic item allowed the TES to continue to control the enemy of the poor with the end of his life.

When he was attached to the knights Ahri in the lane, who had built a Everfrost, it wasn’t able to take the enormous amount of CC by leaping past the immense amount of CC. With a bit of damage, mobility and CC combined with more damage and healing, the Yuumiturned Knight got into a single-man wrecking machine capable of ending and extinguishing the enemy immediately after entering them.

A bailted, #TESWIN #Worlds2022 – #eights2e!

lPL (@lplenglish) October 9 – 2022

Using a Magical Cat support, TES carries ended a 30-minute games by combined 25 KDAs and a combined 17/2/25KDA, while Mark himself earned three/20 points, unending multiple players across the team.

Despite this game, every team who competed on Worlds group stage has already competed at least one match. All the LPL members have had at least one victory and are the ones in the near future to end the last weekend of groups in their respective ranks, at or near the top. GAM will compete again tomorrow against Rogue and TES will face DRX to finalize tomorrow’s play.