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Despite the possibility of cancellation, did not get again look at MW2 Grand Prix map due to the new datamine.

The Modern Warfare 2s Beta has ended. We’ve been thinking well about our time with an imminent killer of Infinity Ward. But there was one map that went missing from the games trial.

Although Activision showed off the Grand Prix map shortly after the fact that MW2 was showing off the map, the racing-themed arena was notably absent. Last week, all official mentions of the Grand Prix map were then deleted from the Call of Duty blog posts and social media posts.

Now, even though fans think the map might have been scrapped from the final release, new images show what the racetrack looks like in-game.

Activision’s initial photo revealed and removed was taken by Activision.

Grand Prix Photos Revealed in New Modern Warfare Two Datamine.

In a new series of images taken from the MW2 Beta UI and loading screens, I can see the maps on top of all the glory. While real-world branding is thought to be replaced with fake brand marks, we may have seen the reason for the map postponement.

The map of MW2 takes place at the Singapore Grand Prix in Marina Bay, an event that’s not just going to be a real event, but will be held on Sunday, October 2.

Activision and the FIA were concerned about the consequences of making the track a shootout right before Singapore GP took place. Alternatively, the map could show up at the official event.

Activision opened to reveal the image and removed it.

The map appears to be an example of the starting line of the race track as well as the train driver driving around the map. Players, in the pits, or even over the rails and in the surrounding areas can go to the backrooms.

As far as we can upload the new photographs here, you can see them in the tweet below:

UI options show Grand Prix + Loading Images (posting incase map gets cut/drastically altered)

Earthbound (@ Earthbound_Fan) September 30. 2022.

Thanks to Earthbound_Fan for sharing this datamine with us. We can only hope that the map for Grand Prix will arrive at the release date of Modern Warfare 2.

There are also key change and fixes available at launch, that the players have been demanding since the Beta began. Here are all the confirmed fixes coming to MW2 on the start day.