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Amouranth is bringing a twist to the Mr and Ms Universe beauty pageant by announcing his own Mr. and Ms metaverse event.

Thanks to Twitch and OnlyFans, Amouranth is among the most watched female streamers on the planet and she’s able to utilise that fact.

She likes to host events for influencers. She launched her first Streamer Royale tournament earlier this year, where popular creators such as Alinity and CodeMikobattly turned it into IRL in a Total Wipeout-style arena.

Now Amouranth is preparing to back down, by co-organising the series M and M between YouTuber and MM, though this event won’t be as physically challenging.

Amouranth and Alpharad both confirmed the pageant will start on Sunday, December 4 in Los Angeles, through a series of social media posts.

The hot tub queen told me that the show will feature big creators of YouTube and Twitch competing for the crown, and revealed that fans can also attend the show.

If you want to go to L.A. or meet Amouranth, you can buy tickets today to buy in person on Friday 30, September 30. In spite of the limited availability, the venue where Mr. and Mrs. Metaverse pageant is located has just 2400 seats.

The names of the competitors haven’t been revealed yet, but we know more as we progress towards the end of the year, as is the case in the case of Streamer Royale in an attempt to beat fans up.

When the news of the pageant started spreading on Twitter, fans dragged Amouranth and Alpharad into the title, saying they thought about how this would affect Facebook or crypto.

After trying to explain the idea behind it, Alpharad resigned at the end of the process, and said they’re accepting new name suggestions.

Good to accept new name suggestions.

Jacob alpharad (@Alpharad) September 28, 2022.

Some fans felt like a stupid, goofy mood and called names such as Mr. and Mrs. Niche Internet Microcelebrity, Mr. and Mrs. worldwide (web) and even The Parasocial Pageant.

Mr. and Mrs. Niche Microcelebrity Internet.

Neon (@ItsNeon2401) September 28.

mr and mrs across the globe(web)

ya know like – like, Pitbull, but (web) –: But (ressource) like, but (much) from the other side.

Fletcher DeRouen Y (@FletcherDeRouen) September 28, 2022.

The Parasocial Pageant is a Parabolical Pageant.

Robin0928 (@Robin0928Review) September 28, 2022

In an attempt to put a blind eye on the metaverse as an attempt to revert to the title and the fact that the pageant doesn’t have anything to do with the metaverse implying that she’s and Alpharad used the term sardonically.

In the same post, he cleared the air and said there’s no tie-in or angle involving crypto, Facebook or NFTs. She then compares the entire situation with the Rorschach experiment. The example is when someone shows you something to the drawing of the abstract and asks you what it appears to be,and that the misunderstanding is much more understandable.

aUniversea and the aMetaa (meta = when something says or relates to the real world). Meta says that a second, a second, or a second, are among the other words – “Abeyond”.

So online world, dubbed the physical world, is encapsulating parts of physical reality.

Kaitlyn (@wildkait) September 28, 2022.

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