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Google announced earlier today, somewhat unsurprisingly, that it would shut down its cloud gaming service Stadia, a refund to the customers who have purchased hardware from the Google Store, or any games/add-ons at the Stadia store. The service is still going to run until January 18, next year, but it will also be suspended. It seems like Google doesn’t want you to buy anything else from the Stadia store, but since it’s been discovered that the service’s storefront has already been shut down.


The shoppers who shop in this store welcome a short statement telling me “Stadia is going to end at 18 January 2023. The Stadia store is closed now. The user explains that if they still can download games with their Pro subscription, it seems like there will be no longer any more titles to buy.

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As we already mentioned, Google didn’t seem to have warned neither users nor developers the store had been closed. The reason for this closure is likely because it was the company that didn’t want to take cash from people, but they would just have to refund it a few months later. It seems like the developers that have been without borders with exclusive titles on the platform even though they don’t seem to have been notified of their games being taken down.

There are reports from several developers who have claimed they only learned of Stadia shuttering at the same time as everyone else. For example, Tom Vian announced that he had planned to launch on Stadia in just two days. But wasn’t even aware of the decision to close Stadia until earlier today.