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With M3GAN Released in January 2023, horror fans can expect a fun new horror comedy with a fresh take on the evil puppet trope and a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Though truly scary movies forever overwhelm the cake when it comes to what fans of the genre want to see, a horror comedy can be a nice change of pace.

From an ’80s Christmas horror movie to a recent tale of how badly a first date can go wrong, there are several hilarious horror comedies with hilarious quotes that prove just how memorable the mix of humor and horror can be.


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“You’re looking at Snow White. And they love it.”

Fans are excited for the HBO Max TV series called Gremlins Gremlins: Secrets of mogwai and the original is one of the most timeless horror films of the 1980s. One of the most memorable and eye-popping scenes is when the Gremlins are watching snow white. When Kate Beringer (Phoebe Cates) asks what’s going on, Billy Peltzer (Zach Galligan) answers.

The Gremlins have just been absolutely messy, doing all sorts of mischief, and it’s too funny to watch them happily watching a popular Disney movie. It proves how unpredictable they are, despite the rules Billy hears about at the beginning of the popular Christmas movie.

“Oh Hidy-Ho officer, we’ve had a bloody day. We were minding our own business and just doing chores when kids started killing themselves all over my property.”

Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are the lovable characters in the underrated 2010s horror film Tucker and Dale vs. Devilish. They meet college students who think they’ve committed murder when they’re just happy about a lake house they bought. When they run into a sheriff, Tucker mentions what happened.

Tucker’s explanation is as silly as the rest of the film and proves that he and his friend lack self-esteem. Instead of admitting that they know this situation looks bad, they wholeheartedly believe in their innocence and move on, hoping that things will work out for themselves.

“‘It started as a prank and ended in murder.’ Fantastic choice. Love this one.”

One of the best teen horror comedies Fear Street Part One: 1994 has a perfect opening scene familiar to fans Scream. Heather (Maya Hawke) works at a video store and says a funny quote about a film adaptation of RL Stine street of fear Novel. As the tone of the scene quickly changes and a masked killer chases Heather through the mall, this moment sets up Netflix street of fear Trilogy Trilogy that’s a mix of scary and silly.

The slogan for the film is a funny nod to the hackneyed way films are often described, especially when whoever wrote them is trying to sound as frightening as possible. Although this scene is short, it shows that Heather is a fun, friendly person with a special interest in the horror genre, which is also a hint as to how much that is Scream Characters know scary movies.

“They’re not as nihilistic as they look on the internet.

The A24 horror satire comedy of 2022 body body body ​​​​​​​uses Gen Z stereotypes, especially when Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) introduces her partner Bee (Maria Bakalova) to her old circle of friends. Sophie makes a joke about how her buddies portray themselves online, which is one of the reasons the film takes an intelligent look at how young adults use social media.

body body body is a satirical film and this quote is not only funny but also sums up the problem with the characters: they are conceited and think everyone should listen to their thoughts. While Sophie tries to make her partner feel more comfortable, Sophie hides a lot herself and is just as guilty of wanting to be liked and cool.

“Stupid bitch left the whole sea for a man.”fresh movie sebastian stan and daisy edgar-jones

Fresh is one of Hulu’s best horror movies and the movie focuses on how dating drama can get bad. In an intelligent scene, Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Mollie (Jojo T. Gibbs) discuss how difficult and awkward it can be to meet someone. When they bring up the fairy tale portrayed in Disney movies, they talk about how Ariel shouldn’t give up everything for Eric The little mermaid.

Since relationships are a common topic of discussion in pop culture, this quote makes it stand out even more and seems even funnier. It’s reasonable to mention a popular movie character who is viewed as someone who has an epic romance and add that he should focus on himself instead. The differences to the original Little Mermaid and the film shows that there is a big focus on Ariel finding love when self-love would be just as great.

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