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fairy tale is a guild that is always busy powerful Magician. The Guild has faced many enemies and made twice as many friends, and as viewers follow the adventures of Natsu and the others, they will witness some of the greatest forces of Ishgar’s and Earthland’s arcane power.

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fairy tale as an anime, it focuses on the concept of found family and friendship and the power that comes from cultivating those ideals and feelings meaningfully. The casters on this list are the concepts manifested and have been ranked accordingly.


10/10 Wendy Marvell – The Sky Maiden

Wendy Marvell

Despite being at the bottom of this list, Wendy Marvell’s powers are as limitless as the sky she represents. One would be remiss if they ignored how flexible and adaptable Wendy’s powers are.

She can use her various Sky Dragon Slaying spells to attack, enchant, heal, and support. Despite her young age, she has mastered many different spells to a high level and can perform them to an almost amazing level. Additionally, her ability to activate Dragon Force at will secures her place in this list.

9/10 Mavis Vermillion – Good things come in small packages

Mavis Vermillion likes Tenroujima

There are few characters smarter than Mavis Vermillion, the First Guild Master of the Fairy Tail Guild. Despite having the face, body, and seemingly demeanor of a child, she is one of the strongest characters on the show.

She was nicknamed “The Fairy Tactician” due to her ability to think hyper-analytically and achieve near-perfect scores in battle. Makarov tells the guild that she earned this title because of her deep understanding of human psychology, relationships, and emotions.

Gray Fullbuster with his Ice Devil Slayer magic

There’s no character cooler than Gray Fullbuster, a powerful ice wizard from Fairy Tail. Beneath his rather frosty exterior lies a lot of strength instilled in him by his mentor Ur and his father, Silver Fullbuster.

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As one of the central characters in the anime series, Gray benefits from plenty of spotlight to show off his ice skills. The finesse and fluidity with which he uses his creative creator magic and the rare form of magic called Ice Devil Slaying make him one of the most unique and powerful wizards in Fiore.

7/10 Mirajane Strauss – Don’t hit the sibling button

Mirajane Strauss in her Alegria form

Mirajane Strauss is a powerful S-class takeover mage from Fairy Tail. First introduced to the viewer as a loveable and warm-hearted character who seemed the most “normal” of a cast of otherwise weird and whimsical characters, she is anything but.

During the Battle of Fairy Tail arc, when her younger brother Elfman Freeds was at the mercy of rune enchantments, Mirajane’s mysterious and dangerous powers are finally unleashed after a few seasons of mystery, and the payoff is as satisfying as her sounds. Nicknamed “The She-Devil” for her ruthless power, she deserves her place in this list.

6/10 Erza Scarlet – The strongest sorceress

Erza Scarlet stands before the Fairy Tail flag as she is crowned the seventh Guild Master.

When it comes to strength and power, Erza Scarlet is a common name popping up in the fandom. She is undoubtedly the strongest sorceress in Fairy Tail, but she is also one of the most resilient fighters in Ishgar.

The Knight commands the unanimous respect and admiration of her guildmates, and her prowess in battle impresses everyone she meets. It’s fairly safe to say that she is the most powerful warrior and sorceress in the kingdom.

5/10 Jura Neekis – An example of bravery

Jura Neekis in the Grand Magic Games arc.

Jura Neekis is one of the Ten Wizard Saints, a title bestowed upon those wizards who hold the absolute pinnacle of power. Jura’s magic seems to be mostly defensive, but the way he uses it is incredibly versatile.

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In his fight against Brain, he shows the viewer what his title is worth and why he is on a par with Makarov. Aside from his tremendously high quality of magical power, he serves himself by being incredibly disciplined and humble, which makes his Iron Rock power all the more impressive.

4/10 Makarov Dreyar – A monster who loves his children

Makarov Dreyar invokes the fairy law

Another entry from the Ten Wizard Saints is Fairy Tail’s guild master, Makarov Dreyar. Makarov is a force to be reckoned with, and his status as a saint of sorcerers and guild master proves that in many ways.

Whether it’s the power required to wield the Fae Law, one of the three major fairy spells, or the power required to calm Natsu’s many outbursts, this old man has it all and is therefore on this list.

3/10 Warrod Sequen – Power In Supporting

Warrod Sequen in his later years

In addition to being one of the founding members of the Fairy Tail guild, Warrod Sequen is also a Wizard Saint, just like Iron Rock Jura. Despite being on the same list of legendary powerful wizards, Warrod is on a whole different level.

He was known as one of the four gods of Ishgar because of his long life, understanding of magical powers, and distinctive appearance. Its demeanor is gentle and quite humorous at times, but its power is a testament to just how truly terrifying support magic can be. Though his fighting days are behind him, he is still considered one of the strongest wizards in all of Fiore.

2/10 Laxus Dreyar – Lightning redefined

Laxus Dreyar in Fairy Tail: The Final Season

The pinnacle of absolute power is epitomized by none better than Laxus Dreyar himself, Master Makarov’s grandson. While powerful, the Lightning Dragon Slayer wasn’t always as trustworthy as he was in the series.

Laxus’ redemption, which embarks on one of the series’ most rewarding character journeys, comes with great timeliness as it runs parallel to some of the best displays of his power. One of the best moments of the entire Grand Magic Games arc comes when he defeats Iron Rock Jura, and while he can barely stand, he was able to pull off a victory over a supremely powerful Wizard Saint.

1/10 Natsu Dragneel – Flames of Emotions

Natsu Dragneel in the Tower of Heaven after eating a lot of concentrated Ethernano.

While this may seem like a more obvious and perhaps biased choice, Natsu, or rather END (Etherious Natsu Dragneel), is a book created by Zeref to kill himself, an essentially immortal and powerful mage.

Not only is Natsu an impeccably strong wizard, he’s also a wild card with an indomitable will and a willful attitude. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word “give up,” and that indomitable will combined with his demonic and draconic powers make him the strongest character in the series!

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