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As you all know that Shah Rukh Khan rules the hearts of millions of fans in the country and abroad, that’s why he is considered a king. His acting and his style have always been admired. Shah Rukh Khan fans always love to know about him. So let’s know about their phone today.

Shahrukh Khan’s Dinky scene leaked on the internet Shah Rukh Khan’s look leaked from the set of Dinky, Bollywood’s King Khan looked rough.

Which smartphone does Shah Rukh Khan use?

It is believed that they are still using the iPhone 13 Pro Max, all the smartphones of the Apple company are the first choice of celebrities in terms of security, which is why all the celebrities of the Apple company Along with this, its brand value is also very high.

He shared a post on completing 30 years in the Bollywood industry, revealing which smartphone Shah Rukh Khan uses. . Launched last year, the Apple company’s smartphone uses the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. The smartphone was launched in India at a price of Rs 1,29,900. Although the company has launched its new smartphone, there is no information yet whether Shah Rukh Khan has changed the phone or not.

How much does Shah Rukh Khan’s smartphone cost?

Shah Rukh Khan shared a picture of himself on his social media after which it was revealed that the smartphone he is using is none other than Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro Max Sierra Blue color model. On this phone, it has a clear case with mag safe. Talking about the price of this case, is around Rs 4,900, for your information, let us tell you that the iPhone can be safely and quickly charged wirelessly with MagSafe. Stay with us to know such interesting information about Shah Rukh Khan.

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