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Family Island Mod APK is a farm game complete with surprising twists and fascinating adventure. If you ever have played any simulation games then it will become the best casual adventure game for all players. Today’s modern and advanced technology has made everything very efficient. Due to the development of technology, people get a lot of help because everything is done very easily. Many peeps love to play games on their android devices. There are many Simulation games available on the internet such as Wood Hunter, SandBox City, Hide & Seek, Market Boss, and many more. But, now we have brought this alluring game to all the game lovers.

Family Island™ — Farming game

What is Family Island Mod APK?

Family Island Mod APK is one of the most popular games across 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. This game is established by Melsoft Games Ltd. It was initially released on 19 November 2019. In this game, you can build your own city where you can spend your holiday vacation. Here, you go to an island for a vacation with your family where you can do many adventures. The island has many tropical forests, rivers, mountains, and much more to explore. The Land is totally blank and fertile where you have to do farming and grow crops, vegetables, and fruits that are used for survival. You can prepare your own farm and warehouse to keep your goods and food grains safe. There are a lot of farms and dairy farms where you can raise your animals like cows, buffaloes, hens, cocks, goats, etc.

Features of Family Island

When you commence playing the game, you will have to find a piece of land where you can build your own city and make your big agricultural farm with animal and poultry farms. You have to allocate many resources and things for your survival on the land. Here, Players will get many premium features such as unlimited money, unlimited energy, and many more that will be beneficial for all the participants in the game. So now, let us know about its elegant features given below.

Family Island™ — Farming game

Create Your Own Farm

To play this fantastic adventurous game, Firstly you have to construct your own farm. There is massive land that is empty there is nothing on the island. So you should take the piece of land and prepare your own big house for yourself and your family. Here, you can enjoy a lot to live of farming life on an island. You should take care of the animals like cows, horses, buffaloes, hens, cocks, etc. They all animals provide you with so many things like milk, eggs, flesh, and many more.

Build Your Shelter

This island is become your hometown you should male your own house for yourself and your family. It is your wish to build a tiny house or a big mansion to live a normal life or a luxury life. It depends upon you to enjoy your life with fun and joy or a simple life with your family vacation on an island. Apart from that, you can also build many houses on the land to make the land into a town or cottage.

Family Island™ — Farming game

Take Part in Adventures

In this Island game, there are numerous levels and many adventure things to explore on the family island. Peeps get a lot of gifts and prizes after crossing any level in the game. You can also create a boat to take it near the sea to swim. In the Sea, there are many hurdles and obstacles that you can discover, enjoy things, and love the beautiful journey.

Grow Crops and Family

When you play this game, you can harvest crops, fruits, and vegetables on the island which is beneficial for all the folks living on the island. You can also grow your family to enjoy with them. There are many attractive or beautiful girls so that you can fall in love with them. You should make a part of your family and increase your family.

Family Island™ — Farming game

Unlimited Money

It is a wonderful game where you can do a lot of adventures and have fun with your family. But if you want any resources and items for your family so you have to purchase them with the help of your money. So if you do not spend your own money then you should download the modified version of this game. Then you will get unlimited money by which you can purchase anything in the game.


Family Island Mod APK is one of the best and most popular adventure games in the whole world. Here, players can find their land to create a farm and build their homes for the family. They can also use to do farming and agriculture to get the fruits, vegetables, and food grains to keep them in the warehouse. It provides all the premium features that are advantageous for you. Hope you all love this game a lot. If you have not downloaded this game yet, you must download it.