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Il Dottore von Genshin Impact is the second of the Fatui harbingers and thus the strongest harbinger next to Pierro. After officially appearing in-game during the Sumeru update, players are excited to see if HoYoverse will make him playable. The leaks surrounding his character certainly suggest that.

Genshin Impact Leaks are a staple in the community. They come out in droves after each update, showcasing character art, kits, and other quest data that shouldn’t otherwise be available to the public. Dottore has his fair share of leaks, of course, especially since he’s only recently played a primary antagonistic role in the game.


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Genshin Impact Dottore leaks

A leak revealed what appears to be Dottore’s factory Genshin Impact. Its dark interior and all the machines inside are reminiscent of Dottore’s lair full of ruin guards from Tartaglia’s story quest. Players theorize that the area is a domain coming in Update 3.2.

A more recent leak reveals Dottore’s Genshin Impact character model. This was shared on Twitter by user BLANK, a well-known leaker. Based on his blue and white color scheme, players suspect he will be a Cryo user. Also, BLANK has stated that Dottore will wield a Claymore. User UBatcha, another leaker, said the same thing.

Regarding his model design, players find his closeup on the top right of the image quite strange. To date, the community has yet to see Dottore’s eyes. Some have even pointed out that the blindfold beneath the mask resembles the eyes of Ruin Guards from Genshin Impact. Whatever it is, maybe HoYoverse will reveal more in the coming updates, or maybe the leakers will get there first.

Another story leak concerns Dottore’s relationship with Scaramouche. According to user VNTa Leak, Dottore was always aware that Scaramouche was Ei’s discarded puppet. The Doctor then made Scaramouche his “test subject”. VNTa Leak hints that it was Dottore who killed Scaramouche’s old friends, prompting him to seek revenge on the world. This has major implications for Scaramouche Genshin Impact Character as this could mean that Dottore manipulated him into joining the Fatui. It also explains why in the Harbinger trailer the Doctor didn’t seem at all concerned that the wanderer with the Electro-Gnosis was gone.

Future Genshin Impact leaks

Admittedly, these are currently the only leaks around Dottore. Many players are speculating that he will be released as a playable character in 2023, certainly long after Scaramouche. However, the community is quite dissatisfied with how HoYoverse has been handling his character lately Genshin Impact 3.2 update. In his confrontation with Nahida, the Doctor negotiates for the Electro-Gnosis, and the Dendro-Archon agrees to hand it over, but only if he destroys the rest of his clones, or what he calls his “segments.”

Dottore agrees to Nahida’s terms Genshin Impact Quest, and the playerbase can’t help but think that building your character around the segments was a waste, only to get rid of them after barely three updates in the new region. Unfortunately, there are no new leaks confirming or denying that its segments are all gone. Some players believe he managed to somehow trick the God of Wisdom, while others attribute it to bad writing.

Anyhow, the community will likely find leaks concerning both Dottore’s playable character model and the status of his segments over the next few months. Given that HoYoverse is still promoting Faruzan and the Wanderer of Genshin Impactit will most likely take a while for the developer to promote the Doctor or any of the unreleased Heralds.

Genshin Impact is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile devices. A Switch version is in development.

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