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MOD Infomation

1. Unlimited cash
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3. Unlimited exp
4.Unlimited ammo
5.Much damage
6. Firerate
7. No reload

Enjoy the thrill of hunting wild animals with realism with Wild Animal Hunting. Hunting animals is always a sensitive topic that no one wants to discuss. Because if that happens in real life, it’s terrible and not worth supporting. To change the player’s perspective, Wild Animal Hunting has been released to experience the natural feeling of hunters. Yes, your task in this game is to hunt wild animals. Species diversity is based on real-life data. Make your hunting experience more prosperous and more varied than ever. But, of course, it’s all just stimulation, with the entertainment goal being the top.

Wild Animal Hunting mod

Download Wild Animal Hunting mod – Hunt all animals on earth

Wild Animal Hunting is based on many famous and popular FPS shooting games. The number of players who love the shooting genre is vast. So that will be a good reason for Wild Animal Hunting to reach many gamers. You play as a licensed wildlife hunter. Go on hunting missions in many famous wild locations in the world. In all the places where all kinds of animals appear, you will be there to hunt them. Demonstrating precision aiming to take down targets at various distances. Specific hunting skills based on each species will have apparent and complex differences.

The beginning of an amateur hunter will be a few simple small animals. Players have access to species such as squirrels, birds, and moles… To slightly larger sizes, such as deer. The higher the level of the hunter, the more large animals can be caught. Or even species that can attack the player if caught off guard. To catch each animal, you must use different weapons and skills. The guns will accompany you throughout the hunting process of Wild Animal Hunting. Unlock them continuously through many hunting missions to improve your level even higher. The hunting journey will be very long and exciting.

Wild Animal Hunting mod apk

Level of hunting animals

Three primary levels represent each player’s hunting ability in Wild Animal Hunting. In the first level, you can only hunt small animals. Despite their small size, it is not easy to own them when the speed of running away is breakneck. At the same time, they also hide in nature and are difficult to find. Squirrels or birds are always expected at this level. The second level is medium animals like deer, tigers, lions, and bears… They are medium-sized and close to humans or slightly larger. The highest level will include giant-sized animals. Elephants, giraffes, and elk will be on this list.

Wild Animal Hunting mod apk free

Nature’s diversity

Wild Animal Hunting takes players through many different climates around the world. Tropical regions with many trees or sparse trees, deserts. The lands are covered with snow all year round, and the humidity is always at its highest. Mangrove forests create conditions for many different species to live. You will go through all these places to find the animals on the hunting list. Each species has a growing scale and is distributed in many locations around the world. That list will help you find and hunt them more easily. The level of danger is also set in each area. If you are not careful, there will be a lot of human attacks by that animal.

Wild Animal Hunting mod free

Hunting arsenal

An indispensable tool for hunters when the environment is their battle site. Hunting guns are equipped with various tools and designs suitable for each environment. All types of guns, from small to large, need a suitable aiming position. Pistols will suit many small and non-resistance animals. Hunting shotguns are highly effective if targeting more significant and dangerous species. It’s not just learning how to use weapons effectively. You also have to find a suitable and safe position when aiming. The consequences will be extremely severe if you get close to large animals. Be alert before every hunt.

Wild Animal Hunting free

Show your ability to hunt animals in large numbers and fast. Collect weapons to stay safe in every hunt regardless of the animal’s characteristics and size. Wild Animal Hunting mod takes you worldwide to satisfy the hunting pleasure. Learn more about the many animals and their ideal habitats. Prepare for large-scale hunts with impressive results.