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There are thousands of ways to relax, but have you found one that works for you? If not, take this honest recommendation. Stickman Hook is not out of the top of exciting skill games. It is the perfect relaxation choice for you after stressful or tiring days. Madbox – the maker of Stickman Hook, is dedicated to trying to give users the best experience both on PC and smartphone screens. Your inherent intelligence will be tested in this game. If you want to win, let’s give Stickman Hook a little dexterity plus patience. Therefore, this game does not require you to work hard to level up but play in your spare time.

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Download Stickman Hook mod – Cling to the lifeline

Stickman Hook game gives you moments of entertainment without requiring much effort or skill. The main operation is to click or tap on the screen. Through it, you control the stickman to make special hooks. Stickman will be like transforming into an adorable version of Spider-Man because they have a super elastic rope in their hand. It is a tool, a weapon that takes the slender stickman through hundreds of levels. Each level has its terrain and thorns to avoid making players bored. And you can’t let the stickman fall on any map. So do not stop continuing the reach with the rope Stickman Hook provides.

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Do you know what skills Spider-Man has to swing on buildings or other difficult places? That is the grip and release of silk at the right frequency. With Stickman Hook is the same. Press the screen to hook the rope to a fixed position. If you want to move on, let go to let go. These two operations must be repeated many times. But, the frequency or the interval between operations needs to be calculated. Understanding the rhythm of the long jump will give you a sense of the timing of the jump. It’s like a golden tick that you need to grasp. If you ignore it and the rope goes astray, the stickman has to say goodbye to you.

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Tricks for long jumps

To quickly reach the finish line and pass the screen in Stickman Hook, making many long jumps and long jumps is indispensable. Even if the jump crosses the frame, you can continue. Use your sensitivity and understanding to predict where to reach. Even if you can’t see yourself, as long as you successfully hook the rope, it’s okay. One more tip to Stickman Hook players: don’t be too lazy and greedy. The game screen can show dozens of round hooks, but you must know how to choose. You don’t need to hook up all of them because it wastes time. Pick important milestones to hook the rope and reach the finish line.

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Collect a variety of skins

Indeed the name Stickman Hook of the game makes you think of the monotonous skinny stickman image. But no, many shapes are still waiting to be discovered. To make the rope swing journey not boring, unlock new characters. They are a great companion you cannot do without and will not forget. For example, the same stickman can be a king with a staff or a beautiful red and black batman and a pink stick angel. There’s even a lemon with reflective glass. Even corgis and jungle lions participate in this swing. In addition, you can also meet many interfaces such as unicorns, cactus, white tribe, or panic ghost …

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Avoid all obstacles

There are many obstacles along the way from the starting point to the checkered finish line. First, they will make you have a bit of difficulty before succeeding. It could be multiple tall adjacent walls. Sometimes a curved plane causes the character to take a long slide. This is very easy to miss the line’s release to grab the next hook. Therefore, try to avoid them. If you are too confused, please use help. Watching the video can let you skip some of those obstacles. At the same time, a little calculation needs to be applied to get the right angle and direction of the jump. Surely you also want to see the stickmen or the tiger, and the bird is celebrated when crossing the finish line, right?

Madbox maker is always creative with a classic motto. It’s about creating adventures from the most ordinary moments. This has been demonstrated through Parkour Race, Sausage Flip, and Stickman Hook. Unique stories blend in with the game’s fun, entertaining challenges. So, what’s better than choosing Stickman Hook as a friend in your free time to relax? Download Stickman Hook mod and perform your super jumps.