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My Love is a romantic title for love, discover a new lover, and enjoy this life. You play as a beautiful female character, follow each story in this game and make a choice. Your final decision will be saved and forwarded for future development. You have to listen to what your heart and mind want because this is a choice about love. You can be easy with someone but complex with a man to test people’s love for you. Design as a question and answer should give time to think and make a final decision. When you like a guy, you can explain the answer quickly.

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Download My Love mod – Find the true love of my life

A game that gives you enough emotion, romance, tragedy, mystery, and adventure. The excitement in love is also the feeling you get by feeling each short story. Coming up with an answer is sometimes tricky, you have to struggle between different streams of thought. If you have fallen in love, the reasons why are inexplicable now, you are blind. You make choices so the new story can happen so don’t miss any questions. You can live the most authentic life, dare to dream, and fulfill your ambitions. Choose love and new friends, all are recreating a player’s current life.

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My Love always brings unexpected results that make your mentality change continuously. When you cry and laugh on dates, you also feel that truth. Players only need to choose the book they love, equivalent to which lifestyle you choose theyhundreds of stores worldwide. You are ready to accept all, sad or happy, have their own emotions. Discover a simple or complex story, strong or peaceful, all your choice. Whatever experience you like, you can conquer it as soon as possible. Your love is always there, find him until you are most satisfied with your decision.

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Character design

My Love gives you the privilege of being able to customize your character to your favorite style. Just change the outfit, hair, and makeup, and you will look like a new person. Gorgeous outfits always make you confident in front of men. Branded clothes always fill the collection, pull it out, and put it on. Fashion magazines will also judge your taste, so don’t let yourself look too simple. The game gives you a treasure trove of costumes, why waste it? Each appearance must look different, that way, each story you come across is interesting. Give yourself a complete look and transform it into the best.

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More than friends

The school of My Love will help you have more relationships. You should add it immediately to make the story you write unique. Participating in classes, you can also learn a lot from friends, a professor, or a fashionista. Gentle or fierce friends appear here. There are many beautiful friendships on campus, and so should you. They will transport you to new worlds, discovering particular story sources. Make quick decisions that satisfy your emotions. Don’t be afraid to get to know each other, be brave enough to add friends for yourself.

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Important events

The summer festival is the most valued by My Love because many different events occur at this time. Day party, celebrate dance and dance with your friends. The lively atmosphere and lively sound aroused many emotions in you. The detailed plans are opened one by one, you just need to feel and enjoy the events. Everything is prepared, this is your chance to find true love. It’s not easy to pair up with a man who makes you fall in love at first sight. But the summer festival promises you the opportunity to receive a new lover. Join the whole event, don’t miss any chance.

My Love creates compelling love stories and memorable moments. You let yourself live with dreams and ambitions in love. Not only that, you can broaden your horizons by making friends. Possessing new stories, chapters are opened one after another. The exciting content and details will not make you bored. Instead, choose love for yourself, and feel it most authentically. 200 fun short chat stories, you’ll enjoy it too. Download My Love mod, and make the final decision in every story you come across.