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The battle between magic users and modern technology only appeared in Magic vs. Metal. An extremely dark future appears only when things have become highly chaotic. Which side will get the victory they want? A problematic answer that no one can answer for you. But we will find this answer ourselves by impersonating the game’s characters. So start the battle to find the truth and how to end it forever. But this can take quite a while to do successfully. Each of us will choose for ourselves a different battle path. The rampage is just beginning now; much more to come.

Magic vs. Metal mod

Download Magic vs. Metal mod – Fight in the most ruthless way

Magic vs. Metal is a shooting game with highly high graphics for mobile. It follows the gameplay with a panoramic third-person perspective and is accurate to every detail. From there, you can control a large area of ​​the battlefield. Create a feeling that is not inferior to any high-end game on PC. That’s why players highly appreciate what gameplay brings. The campaigns, the characters, and everything in between is impeccable. A fantasy world that can fulfill your huge ambitions for domination. Opening a new era with potential people. Push the limits of play with a strategy you come up with.

You do not have to use too many redundant and unnecessary operations in the game. We only need one finger to change everything from commanding our troops, orienting their movements, and ordering attacks. These shortened operations will bring more convenience. You can spend the time, and strategic thinking needed to overpower your enemies. Instead, destroy them to go to the portals designated by the leader. Enemies are more numerous and more powerful in the significant challenges behind them. Never despise them at any cost. That could be the result of making you pay an expensive price.

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Hero Selection

When playing, you will have to choose one of the two factions to best serve and pursue. We have a lot of heroes on the biological side with outstanding magic and health. They can destroy the enemy with powerful spells and diverse troops. The mechanical side will include advanced and flawless robot warriors. They are provided with high-damage combat weapons to destroy their targets. Both sides have their unique characteristics and advantages. To prove yourself useful, you have to put in the effort. Constantly strengthen my fighting power with the high-level characters that I can find.

Magic vs. Metal mod apk

Strengthening power

To strengthen our characters, we look to the precious artifacts in the game. These artifacts are classified into rarity according to their ability to possess. They are equipped to provide essential stats to the hero. Help them get more abilities to go far too new levels. Artifacts can be obtained immediately or crafted from raw materials. The rarer the materials, the more powerful artifacts are obtained. It will play a decisive role in your victory when confronting the enemy. Cause a difference in power and make things go as you want when moving forward.

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Special move

Each hero you own has a particular ultimate skill. They can summon large entities to help them when needed. For example, the biological side could use magic to summon tall giants with boundless power. The mechanical side can ultimately aid giant robots. The war between the two sides that breaks out will undoubtedly be highly admirable. How can players take advantage of these privileges? They ultimately can change the course of the game. Turn defeat into victory and bring you great loot. What’s more impressive are the strategies to use it effectively.

Magic vs. Metal mod apk free

Along with the characters are challenging levels created. Your great battles with the opposition will fuel the necessary development of the plot. Discover new sources of power used by the guides. Find your hope through meaningful encounters with other characters. Lead our side in Magic vs. Metal mod and go to glory.