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Strategy games are always a challenging playground for those who want to prove their abilities. In this genre, players need to have good strategy and command skills. Your decisions can affect the fate of an army of thousands. So, where does leadership come from? We do not deny that many people are born leaders. However, studying and practicing can also accumulate and improve this ability. Lots of games available are designed to help you do just that. For example, let’s try Hex Commander, produced by Home Net Games. With this game, you can have fun while learning the ability to command talent.

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Download Hex Commander mod – Enjoy turn-based tactical combat

Hex Commander is a strategy game designed in the form of turn-based combat. With this game, you will have to jump into the pan of fire fighting with many different objects. In Hex Commander, there are humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and scary zombies. The battle journey is not easy because each character has unique abilities. The adventure in Hex Commander is divided into four campaigns. These include Humans, Elves, Orcs and Goblins, and Dwarven. Players must control their heroes in each campaign to face powerful opponents. The purpose of these wars is exceptionally humane. It is to protect the people and help them have a peaceful life.

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In the Human campaign, players will play the role of Percival Kent – a talented knight. He was sent to this place by the Emperor to monitor the activities of the elves that were infiltrating the inhabited area. Entering the Elven campaign, you will become a leader in the archer world named Arcana. In your quest to find the anesthetic Sylvius, you will have to overcome a dangerous leprechaun mage. Next, the Orcs and Goblins campaign lets you control a mighty dragon. The purpose of the trip is to find out the cause of the unusual floods that make people’s lives miserable. The final campaign in the Dwarven kingdom will let you meet new characters and the ultimate quest.

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Lead your army to victory

As a commander, players of Hex Commander need to know how to hold troops effectively. First, you have to build an army with unbeatable power, then lead them into battle by unleashing their unique abilities. Different heroes will have different potentials to exploit. First, your army can be made up of many different units. They include infantry, cavalry, mages, archers, gunners, and more. The heroes were all well-trained for combat. Therefore, players can command their heroes to turn the situation around instantly. Let your opponent drown in a rain of bullets and smoke.

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Upgrade your castle and gain an advantage

In any campaign, players need to own a castle for themselves. This is considered your key base and army of heroes. With this castle, players can expand and customize it in the style they are satisfied with. There are many activities that players can do at this base. It was a place for troops to rest after strenuous battles and to recruit troops. You can recruit more special military units to maximize your chances of victory. Besides, heroes and military units can also be upgraded. You can also improve their movement speed to march even faster.

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Challenge yourself in PvP mode

Commonly, Hex Commander can be played in single-player mode. However, you can also switch to PvP mode to challenge your skills. PvP battles are usually time-limited. This factor contributes to increasing the thrill every second for the heroes. At the same time, you can monitor your team’s health and fitness stats in the left corner of the screen. The manufacturer has created an exciting Battle, Capture the Flag feature and an interesting Royale mode for players to have various experiences. There is a little trick to make your victory easier in Hex Commander. Take advantage of the terrain overlays in each match because that’s how to increase your stats.

If there is a vote on the most attractive strategy games, Hex Commander cannot be left out of the ranking. Detailed designed graphics allow users to enjoy the feeling of participating in wars around the world. Moreover, the variety in the character composition is also a plus point of this game. All make up an attractive overall campaign. Download Hex Commander mod and become a great military leader.