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MOD Infomation

Get any diamond to get more value.

Alice’s Mergeland allows you to open your world and discover everything for yourself. A spacious, empty place around you has not appeared anything at all. Your task now is to merge and produce the final products. This combination does not require too much technique, just touch and drag. Something more interesting is going to solve problems in this magical world. The characters have gorgeous beauty, and the accompanying story is equally unique. You also encounter ferocious witches and strange spells, everything is being manipulated if you do not merge in time. Experiencing new friends is extremely interesting, give it a try.

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Download Alice’s Mergeland mod – Merge the beautiful island

Players use fusion magic to create items of more excellent value. Drag, merge, and match the same pieces are all you need to do. Every similar little thing is combined to make a great product. Players will choose house, candy, or tree mode to perform this merging process. Towers were erected, ignoring the simple little houses. The final products, when merged, always bring a new experience, it has the use of unlocking other lands. The whole island is waiting for your transformation, drag, and arranges for you to have a new space.

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The land that you are making has a curse from evil witches. Your mission is to break that gloom, creating the most poetic scene possible. That’s why Alice’s Mergeland also takes care of the items you merge. The spaces were open, full of people, trees, and animals. An island that attracts all eyes of other players with its splendor. You make progress step by step, not rushing but still effectively. Everything comes to you most naturally and sometimes surprised by its grandeur. Explore new things with friends, and accompany each other to merge.

Alices Mergeland apk

Exploiting territory

The merger allows you to experience new lands. At first, it was just a sketchy, black-and-white scene with a blanket of gloom. The challenge is to restore freshness to the island; each layer is enlightened. These spaces will be opened up quickly if you do an excellent merge task. Magical characters often appear here in a world you’ve never seen before. Discover a strange boss, surrounded by beautiful butterflies on guard duty. Likewise, the spaces you open up hold something special. If you can explore, you should also approach the story behind that island.

Alices Mergeland mod apk

Harvest products

Alice’s Mergeland combines exciting farm missions. Instead of you having to nurse, and take care of plants from seed to maturity, now you need to pull to merge. Put two similar icons together; a new product is hatched. Blueberries, carrots, strawberries, pumpkins, and many other crops were discovered quickly. Various products and natural gifts will help you make more cakes or prepare new drinks. You will look at the game’s requirements to harvest the right amount, do not waste too much. Magical effects are integrated, and the sweets fly up and return to your inventory.

Alices Mergeland mod

Huge collection

The things you merge are all in your collection and looking good. Houses, trees, fruits, and treasures were collected in large quantities. The longer your merge journey, the more extensive the collection with many genres. Magnificent towers next to cute little houses look like palaces. Treasures, gold, and diamonds are piled up in the mysterious place. Trees produce a lot of sweet fruit; you are ready to meet the needs of Alice’s Mergeland. Vibrant colors are also a big plus to attract players’ excitement. Complete puzzles for a chance to expand the terrain and enhance the collection.

Alice’s Mergeland creates the magical world of your imagination. There are always many identical pieces, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough to create new items. The characters in this story carry many mysteries, your task is to exploit as many details as possible. Special events also allow you to improve your level and receive many attractive gifts. Download Alice’s Mergeland mod, combine similar pieces and arrange the order for the island.