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Ralphie returns in the nostalgic new trailer for HBO Max’s upcoming festive holiday, A Christmas Story Christmas.

Ralphie Parker is back in HBO Max’s new trailer A Christmas Story Christmas. 1983 saw the release of the nostalgic family comedy A Christmas story of Porky’s manager Bob Clark (of all people). Nobody knew it at the time, but the film would join classics like It’s a wonderful life and How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a holiday essential.

Fans with warm, nostalgic feelings for the exploits of Peter Billingsley’s BB gun lover Ralphie and his eternally optimistic father, The Old Man (Darren McGavin), will likely be happy to keep watching the original. A Christmas Story every year forever (maybe even catch it for Turner Networks Annual 24 Hours A Christmas story marathon). But this year, they’ll still have a new option to try alongside the classic 1983 original. Thanks to HBO Max, A Christmas Story Christmas comes to see Ralphie Parker again as he returns home to visit his family following the death of the old man.

Christmas Story Trailer Reveals First Look At Older Ralphie

Of course, Billingsley is set to return as Ralphie, alongside Ian Petrella as Randy Parker, Scott Schwartz as Flick, RD Robb as Schwartz, and Zack Ward as Scut Farkus. Ralphie’s mother, Mrs. Parker also returns, although this time she will be played by Julie Hagerty, who replaces original actress Melinda Dillon. Nostalgia will undoubtedly be the name of the game for A Christmas Story Christmasas teased in the new HBO Max trailer, which can be seen in the space below:

This is not the first sequel to a Christmas story

A Christmas story is undoubtedly an icon family film, but the same cannot be said for the multiple sequels that have been released over the years. Indeed, some might be surprised to learn that there is an entire Parker Family franchise, based on the works of Jean Shepherd, the writer whose book inspired the original 1983 film. Over the years, Ralphie and the other Parkers have appeared in made-for-TV movies The Ghost of the Open Hearth, The Great American July 14 and Other Disasters, The Cursed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski and Ollie Hopnoodle’s Paradise of Happinessas well as the limited theatrical release It runs in the family: my summer story and direct to DVD A Christmas Story 2.

Whether all of these films collectively represent a “franchise” is of course a matter of debate. But A Christmas Story Christmas certainly qualifies as a legitimate sequel to A Christmas storyas it’s set to bring back many of the cast from the first film in a story that revisits Ralphie years after his adventures in A Christmas story. A Christmas Story Christmas lands on HBO Max on November 17, 2022.