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WITH: Whale in the High APK is a simulation game that provides a real relaxing experience for players. Here, you will accompany the character Wiz on an adventurous journey on the back of a whale. Strong winds combined with the beautiful details on the whale’s back will make you feel amazing for the first time.

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WITH: Whale in the High – Wiz . Journey Simulation Game

The chance encounter between Wiz and a whale was the inspiration for WITH: Whale in the High. This is a simulation game for a relaxing experience from the publisher Skywalk. All game content provides high interactivity that allows players to accompany the main characters to create their own journeys.

In fact, its operation is like a typical virtual pet game where you can interact with the adorable characters available. Enjoy the endless moments of entertainment that this game brings now. Currently, you can download and enjoy WITH: Whale in the High via Google Play or APK link below the article.

Enjoy life on the whale’s back

Have you ever thought of living on the back of a whale with all the interesting content available? Join with: Whale in the High to fulfill your desires now. Our Wiz is ready for an adventure of flying through the air and enjoying life on the back of a mighty whale.

This place is like a natural island with many different areas that players can explore freely. The player’s task is to accompany Wiz to explore interesting places on the back of whales and interact with other creatures. Remember that your character needs daily care to stay healthy and happy. Please log into the game regularly to meet Wiz’s daily needs.

Enjoy and interact with the characters

A highlight of WITH: Whale in the High is the interactive experience with the available characters. Players will be able to watch the action of the cute characters by interacting with them on the screen. The interactive activities are very easy to understand. All you have to do is make a few basic touches and swipes. Believe me, the sweet gestures and acts of warm comfort coming from Pisces and other personalities will definitely make you feel at ease.

Enjoy exciting mini games

WITH: Whale in the High presents a series of mini-games with different content waiting for players to discover. You will have the opportunity to approach this game in a completely different way. Most of the mini games have a relatively simple process. With just a few basic operations, the game can still provide endless fun for the players.

At the same time, if you score high while playing the mini-games, you can get a lot of rewards. This money is used to upgrade and decorate the things on the whale’s back in your own way. The more upgrades you make, the more exciting activities you will unlock while playing the game. Try to reach the highest level in the game to access all the exciting content available.

Keep unforgettable moments

We believe there are many memorable moments and events that players must capture while playing WITH: Whale in the High. Whenever you want, just touch the camera icon on the screen to instantly save unforgettable memories. The way this works is very similar to taking a screenshot but gives you more convenience. In addition, you can take unlimited photos in this game to freely review your memories whenever you want.

Graphics and sounds

Simple graphics and bright colors make WITH: Whale in the High content stand out on your screen. You’ll see pictures of cute creatures along with exotic constructions on the backs of whales right from the first experience. Moreover, the detail movement effect in the game is really smooth, which creates comfort for the player while having fun. Besides, the background music and pleasant melodies available promise to heal your soul during the game.


Step 1: Download the APK version of WITH: Whale in the High from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources on your mobile device.

Step 3: Start installing the file with: Whale in the High_MOD_Adzcentral.com.apk.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the game logo icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to get an instant experience.

Download WITH: Whale in the High APK For Android

Don’t miss out WITH: Whale in the High if you are looking for a simulation game that offers ultimate relaxation. There are not many manipulations shown in this game. The player’s task is simply to play the game in his own way and enjoy the relaxing experience it has to offer. Not only that, but you can also capture wonderful moments with the virtual camera button available on the screen.

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