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Infinite Torchlight It is an ARPG that entered Early Access on October 11th on the day steamSo go grab it if you haven’t yet.

Like many games of its kind, Torchlight offers rich capabilities for builds and has mechanics such as enabling gear, magic, and crafting. If you are looking to get stronger then you are in the right place: in this guide we will explain all of you and give you tips for that

arms dealer

The first thing you will do is go to any big city in the game. Each of them has arms dealera type of NPC that offers the three services that we will explore in the article.

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Enable gear

When you touch the Gear Empowerment feature, you will be taken to a tab where pieces of your equipment(s) are displayed for you to improve. If you click on a piece of gear, you will be able to see information about it, including a file energy Of the gear, a “statistic” is common to all of them no matter what.

Each piece of gear has a power cap, which depends on the quality and level of the gear itself. Upgrading the equipment will raise (or lower the power if you’re unfortunate) the power of the equipment.

Why are we telling you this?

Because you use energy for skills. If you go to your skills tab, you will see that skills are surrounded by five small circles that are basically buffs or additional effects of a particular skill.

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Your total power will be summed up, and if you touch the circle button next to it, a window will open where you can see your skills in the special upgrades you’ve chosen for them.

By clicking one, you get the option to increase or decrease the amount of energy spent on one of these skills. This means that the more energy you have, the more you will be able to upgrade your skills and the more powerful you will be.


The enchant The option opens a window that shows you your gear, letting you choose one to give it to post, or what is the same: orange. Only gears that do not actually have the maximum number of enchantments can be selected, and legendary gear cannot be enchanted.

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When you enchant, you will first choose a class of enchantment, and then the “level” of the enchantment itself, indicated by the color of the small diamond-shaped dots. Purple is weaker than orange, for example, but it costs less material to apply.

The effect of the selected gear will appear highlighted green in the window with the weapon’s information on the right.

Every magic you choose has a little RNG side to it. selection Physical damage to equipment For example it will give you a window of increased damage where it can be 7-9 extra damage, and you can get any value in between.

Although you can enchant a gear multiple times, in general, it’s best to only do it once. second wizard (or after repair) will delete one of the files after repair Evaluate your equipment, replace it with new equipment, so if you are thinking of a post-repair, you better be sure that the magic you give to your equipment is definitely more useful than what is currently there.


editing It is very similar to enchantment in that it affects the same area of ​​gear as Enchanting: repairs your gear, and unlike enchantment, you can choose to craft gear that actually contains the maximum number of repairs.

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As you can see, selecting a gear will move it to a window where you have to choose a file Ember. Embers are a group of fixes grouped together that follow a specific theme.

The essence amber Focuses on increasing all forms of elemental damage, and Amplified Ember focuses on increasing melee, disease projectile, spell damage, etc. When you manufacture, one of the ember-listed starters will replace one of your pre-repairs to your existing equipment.

For the manufacture of which you need, besides coals, elements. Besides other ways, you can get it by trading gear with extension merchantAlso found in major cities.