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Crafting different items and machines is one of the most important things that you have to do in playing Coral Island. All these types of off-the-shelf machines are used to help you manage the entire farm and make it easier for you to handle the goods.

One of the most useful machines you can make right here on your farm is Beehive.

We know that these hives are home to swarms of bees that produce honey. But in fact, it is more than that. Despite the time it takes to produce honey jars, you can still say it’s worth it for the value you can sell it for.

Beehive guide on Coral Island

Source: The Gingerbread Empire

This guide to beehives will cover the steps you should follow in making a beehive, how you can use a beehive, and how much you can sell their products.

Let’s start the beekeeping journey.

How to make a beehive

Source: The Gingerbread Empire

beehive or a bee house It is a craftable item that will be available once you follow the progress of your game.

Designing a bee house is actually a very simple task. All you have to do is complete the materials for it and you can start making it and placing it on your farm.

To complete the bee house recipe, you will need 50 pieces of wood, and 15 pieces of bronze ore. You can collect wood by chopping down trees, while bronze ore can be collected in mines.

Once you’ve already finished the recipe, move the bee house into your backpack, and place it anywhere you want on your farm.

How to use the beehive

Source: The Gingerbread Empire

To produce honey, you need to make sure that you have flowers ready with you. In playing Coral Island, The flowers are used to make honey.

The first thing you need to do is put any kind of flower in your backpack so that you can put it in the beehive. However, it is important to remember that you can only put the same type of flower in one beehive. In addition, the maximum number of flowers it can bear at one time is three.

Once the flowers have already been processed into honey, you have to wait a few hours, or maybe a day to complete the process.

How much does honey cost?

Source: The Gingerbread Empire

Honey is actually a good source of profit. You can say that long hours of waiting for it to be processed is really a good ploy to increase your earnings.

In this case, for example, an orchid was used to produce honey. For the basic quality of orchid honey, you can sell it for 345 coins. While Silver Orchid Honey ranges up to 400 coins, the value goes up as the quality increases.

If you are interested in increasing your profits with a beehive, you may want to make four to six beehives on your farm to make sure your profits thrive.