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Just like any other ARPGs, constructions play a major role in Undecember. With the right design, you can take charge of the end-game content that the game offers. One such structure is the Blade of Death Spread Shot build.

In this guide, we’ll look at the mechanisms behind this design.

Blade of Death Spread Shot Build Guide in Undecember

As the name suggests, this version focuses on using two skills: Blade of Death and Spread Shot. Blade of Death is a throwing skill where you throw daggers towards your target and cause bleeding at the same time. Meanwhile, Spread Shot is also a projectile skill that shoots arrows over a wide area.

In case you were wondering, this build is capable of scanning maps very quickly. Since it deals wide area damage, you can take care of mobs in seconds. Overall, it’s a very interesting and efficient build and doesn’t really need a lot of investment.

How this build works is very simple. You’ll use the Spread Shot as the main skill, then link it to the Blade of Death skill by activating the spell on the Attack Hit rune. So, every time you use your main skill, it will automatically activate Blade of Death as well.

This allows you to deal a lot of damage because you are activating two skills at once.

Skills and Incantations

Credits: Lost 666

For the Spread Shot, you want to associate it with the following runes:

  • Mana Storm – Increases the cost of the Spread Shot resource but provides it with a damage amplification for higher DPS:
  • Harmony – Improves damage, attack speed, and throw speed when HP reaches less than a certain percentage.
  • Activate spell when attack hits – You’ll need this to activate Blade of Death every time you use the Spread Shot.
  • Find Vulnerability – Improves the Critical Rate of Spread Shot for more DPS.
  • Hole – This rune makes it so that Spread Shots can pierce your enemies.
  • Projectile Physical Damage Amplification – This is a simple rune that multiplies physical damage to your skill.

For the skill Blade of Death, you’ll want to associate it with the following runes:

  • Multishot – Increases the total number of projectiles in the skill Blade of Death.
  • Projectile Deceleration – Increases the damage of your projectiles but decreases their speed.
  • Slaughter Chariot – Create piles of slaying every time you kill enemies giving you more damage and faster movement.
  • Hit – Increases Blade of Death’s damage while decreasing its attack and speed.
  • Mana Storm – As above
  • Spell activation when hitting attack – same as above


As for the tower, you want to focus on physical destruction and attack hit rate. Here’s how you want your zodiac to look like:

Credits: Lost 666


Finally, you want to focus on the magic that will provide you with a high percentage of Hamal’s blessing. You want to hit 140% of Hamal’s bliss in order to take advantage of a 30% increase in physical damage.