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For those of you who are interested in exciting rebuilding game and match-3 puzzles, Tuscany Villa will offer the best experiences.

an introduction

It’s time to go back to your hometown and take care of the family hotel. Restore the old establishment to its old glory and embark on the adventures of your unique life in Villa Tuscany. Enjoy all of the cool elements in unique design gameplay and decorations, along with exciting match-3 challenges when you’re in the game.

With a beautiful storyline and many cool elements to keep you hooked on the game, Tuscany Villa will allow Android players to always enjoy playing their own style of hotel design and management. Feel free to work on various missions and challenges, as the game allows you to renovate the entire hotel and face different challenges. All the while still enjoying creative match 3 puzzles.

Find out more about this interesting mobile title from Genjoy and all its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

Story and gameplay

Upon receiving the letter from your grandmother asking for help with the family hotel business, you finally decided to pack your suitcase and go back to your hometown to enjoy a complete change of life. Enjoy playing the exciting and satisfying gameplay of home decoration and remodeling, where you can freely design and customize the house accordingly.

Face endless challenges within the game, as you try to repair several homes and return them to their old selves. In addition, great adventures with interesting and interesting story-driven missions will always keep you connected with adventures. And thanks to the unique and fun match-3 gameplay, always on the go players can find themselves enjoying Tuscany Villa to the fullest.

Immerse yourself in endless puzzles and role-playing adventures in the game. Experience the ultimate romance, explore the mysteries, and enjoy the unique events in the game. Enjoy playing exciting gameplay of renovation and decorations. And the list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Enjoy endless and immersive gameplay

Here at Tuscany Villa, Android players themselves will have the most immersive gameplay of hotel management and match-3 puzzles, which comes with endless challenges and fun mini-games to keep you always hooked on experiences. Feel free to join the family in many adventures and interesting missions throughout the game. And you have access to endless match-3 levels and casual mini-games to always enjoy playing Tuscany Villa.

Screen Villa Toscana 1

Complete various local orders and in-game quests

For those of you who are interested, you can now choose to complete various local and in-game missions, which will allow you to enjoy the great mobile title to the fullest. Follow our characters on their many adventures and questions, as they try to improve the hotel while getting to know the locals. Explore their many interactions and interesting in-game items. Complete missions, follow stories, and have fun in the game.

Challenge Frank Ritchie to defend your hotel

And here in Tuscany Villa you will be competing against famous businessman Frank Ricci, who is always trying to destroy your family hotel and turn it into a brand new resort. Enjoy fighting for the survival of your hotel and have fun competing with Frank. Defeat him by owning the best hotel in Tuscany and make your business thrive.

Or enjoy your romantic adventures

At the same time, you can also fully enjoy the many romantic and exciting moments in the game. Join our main character in her many romantic experiences with in-game characters. Feel free to play your exciting romance game as you like and create your own experiences in Tuscany Villa.

Interesting events to have fun

With Tuscany Villa, Android players will have many interesting events, which they can all enjoy. Just enter the game and follow the stories. Here, many unexpected events will happen without your controls. It is up to you to deal with it effectively. With different experiences, the game will make sure that you can always enjoy Tuscany Villa to the fullest.

Villa Toscana 4 . screen

Beautiful and attractive cinema

And to make the stories more interesting and interesting, Tuscany Villa will provide players with intuitive and immersive 3D cinematic visuals. Thus, allowing players to sit back and watch the characters interact with each other in their own stories.

Enjoy playing renovation and decoration game

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing Tuscany Villa renovation and decoration game with amazing experiences. Similar to Manor Matters and Hidden Hotel, you can have different design options, all of which are very beautiful. Feel free to choose any of them and turn the rundown family hotel into a great facility.

Screen Villa Toscana 2

Many match three levels to solve

To make the game more exciting, Tuscany Villa will provide players with many exciting match-3 puzzles, which they can simply dive into and enjoy. You have no problems playing the fun and exciting mini-games and interesting puzzles from the mobile title. Enjoy the interesting game mechanics. Experience the increasing levels of difficulty in the game and more.

Useful boosters to work with

Get ready to enjoy tons of useful boosts in Tuscany Villa, each one allowing you to have the ultimate fun with fun match-3 challenges. Simply enter the game and start creating or collecting reinforcements of all kinds. Make good use of it at any stage of the game so that you can solve the puzzles and deal with the next challenges.

Upgrade your designs to have more fun

For those of you who are interested, you can now freely upgrade your designs to have more fun playing the game. You have no problems earning and using your stars to upgrade the in-game interiors as you like. Make the most of your designs and customize your hotel however you want.

Screen Villa Toscana 3

Although you can play as a guest, to unlock more in-game features, Tuscany Villa are allowed to link Tuscany Villa to their social media accounts. Here, you can get your one-time rewards for many awesome loot operations. And now, all your friends who play the game will be available in your lists. In addition, the connected account will make sure that you can enable online saves and syncs on your system.

Available in different languages

With the game available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and more, mobile players will have many language options when playing the game. Thus, making the mobile title more accessible and understandable to players all over the world. Simply enter the game and start making use of its translations to enjoy your Tuscany Villa adventures to the fullest.

Enjoy the game while offline

And for those of you who are interested, it is possible to play the exciting Tuscany Villa game on your mobile devices even when the internet is out. This will make the mobile title more accessible and less demanding, since you don’t need to turn on mobile data or search for active Wi-Fi networks, just to start the game.

free to play

In addition, since the game is completely free for you to enjoy on your mobile devices, it is possible for you to simply choose the free version of the game from the Google Play Store and start enjoying its many features.

Get our unlocked gameplay

And last but not least, with the fact that there are still ads and in-app purchases for the free game that can annoy you a bit, mobile gamers may want to consider the Tuscany Villa mod on our website instead. Here, all you need is to download a file Villa Tuscany Mod APKThen follow the provided instructions to install it properly. The advanced features and ad-free experiences will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest without any issues.

Picture and sound quality


Here at Tuscany Villa, Android players are allowed to enjoy their fun and exciting in-game adventures while experiencing beautiful 3D graphics, stunning character designs, great visual effects, smooth animations and more. All this will always keep you connected with the mobile address and visually impress you.

sound and music

Besides the stunning graphics, Tuscany Villa also features a relaxing soundtrack and responsive sound effects, which are designed to keep you engaged in match-3 levels and in-game adventures.

last thoughts

With simple gameplay and engaging stories, along with relaxing and addictive elements, Tuscany Villa will make a great mobile title for all Android players to enjoy on any of their mobile devices. Simply enter the game and start enjoying your many adventures in Tuscany Villa.