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In the fantasy tower, there are new monsters. Vera, the new location, has been introduced in the game’s version 2.0 update. This also indicates possible confrontations with completely new enemies.

Two new world leaders, Rudolph and Magma, and other enemies such as desert monsters and space travel enemies can be found.

We’ll show you where to find Zircosilver Danvers, one of the newly released enemies.

The location of Zircosilver Danvers in the Tower of Imagination

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Fira, a new section of the Fantasy Tower, is located in the desert. Monsters are everywhere, but people can still stand the heat. The cyberpunk city of Meroria is where humans reside, however, in this area.

Mirroria can be unlocked once you start the main story mission in Vera.

In the game, there are also unique enemies or enemies with names; One of these is Zircosilver Danvers.

Find Zircosilver Danvers

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In Tower of Fantasy, some unique or specific enemies sometimes drop a component of a vehicle. In addition, after defeating them for the first time, you can get an achievement that gives you 10 dark crystals.

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Outside the Mirroria, at the Sandstorm Ground, is where you might find Zircosilver Danvers. Head west after fast-paced space travel in the Mirroria Meteor Crater. It is located in a stealth area under an air passage. It is the most powerful desert predator. It is white in color and prone to the element of ice.

You should ask your friends or crew because it can be hard to beat.