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Great news for the Free to Play player in Tower of Fantasy. There is a new method of cultivation for Black Nucleus in the last update which is likely to be a big difference if you are still farming for Black nucleus for a successful draw of your weapons.

There is new content in the quest to explore the world in the survival guide called Ruin Stones. With a red core as a reward for completing a puzzle mission, this content will be much needed to complete.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Ruin Stone Puzzles to earn yourself a black core in the latest Tower of Fantasy update.

Solve the mystery of the stone of ruin in the fantasy tower

These stones of ruin can be found in Fira. How the puzzles work is that each group of stones has signs on it. You can complete these puzzles by viewing these stones at a certain angle to reap the rewards.

ruin stone site

Image source: ZaFrostPet

Many thanks to ZaFrostPet for posting one site for the Ruin Stones in Vera. We’re not sure how many Ruin’s are scattered throughout the area but completing their puzzles is done the same way for each of them.

Head to the coordinates listed in the image above. You’ll find a pair of ruin stones in the Vera Plane area.

Check the Stones of Ruin for signs

Circle the stones and check them for any telltale signs. You will need to find such marks that when viewed from a certain angle, they connect both marks of the two stones into one distinct image.

Show signs at an angle connecting them

You’ll know if you got the angle right if the faint marks will start to glow. Position them so that they complete their mark to open the black core.

There are other stone ruins scattered in Fira. Once you select any of them, be sure to check them out and unlock their prizes by completing the puzzle.