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Torchlight Infinite is currently in open beta. It can be accessed through Google Play, App Store and Steam. It is a role-playing game that takes place 200 years after Torchlight II and lets you choose from 5 different heroes.

In the game, there are gears that you can create and enchant. We will tell you everything there is to know about it.

Crafting gear and magic in Torchlight Infinite

When playing Torchlight Infinite, these features can be accessed near the end of the game. Below the item level, each item in the game will have an energy detail. You can equip more skills the more power you have in your equipment.

Adhesives come after energy. You can attach a maximum of six stickers to any item. The rare top layer of these nicknames is orange, followed by violet and blue.

Gear industry and improvement

There are 3 weapons dealer choices in Torchlight Infinite.


When creating an element, an ember and a red crystal are required. Embers have an icon on the right side when creating something, as you can see. There may be a triangle above or below the icon. The prefix is ​​indicated by the triangle at the top of the icon. In contrast, post-reform is indicated by the triangle below.

You can get a random link from cinder. Past suffixes or suffixes are your choices during drafting. You can craft as much as you can, but be aware of your supplies. The Enhanced Fossil can also be used to improve the suffixes you can get.


You can paste “Paste” on your item while enchanting. There are two pre-fixes and one post-fix for stickers.

Each has unique benefits and effects; Post-repair cannot be combined with pre-fix. One gear cannot have two of the same nicknames on it. A green diamond icon will appear in the upper right corner of the enchanted item.

Enable gear

You can modify the power of your gear with Gear Empower. There is a range in the amount of energy you can get from refining your item, as shown in the image above. When you enable an item, you will use the power center. Netherrealm and other end-game areas are sources of power cores.

NPC Zenoth the Lightless is a source of magic for other equipment.


You will be presented with one of five possibilities when you enter an item and choose wear. These will change your item and you will get their own rewards. In addition, your object will go into a state of erosion.

You can corrode an object freely at first. However, it costs Aemberon Cores in later stages.

Post-Torchlight Infinite: Gear Crafting and Enchantment debuted at Games Fuze.