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If you are a fan of ARPGs that involve a lot of grinding and loot picking, then Torchlight: Infinite might be perfect for you. As with most ARPGs, the game allows you to create a variety of structures using different combinations.

However, in Torchlight: Infinite, you get access to many skills and talents to help shape your character. In this guide, we are going to take a look at this system so you can get familiar with it while playing the game.

Skills and Talents Guide | Torchlight Infinite Beginner’s Guide

When you start the game and you choose the starting character, your next step is to choose the specific talent you want for that character. Unlike other ARPGs that rely on classes to mix up gameplay, Torchlight: Infinite uses talents instead.

In the game, talents are categorized into 5 different deities, each representing different elements. Moreover, each god will have 4 different boards that you can fill with different talents from the following god trees:

  • dark goddess
  • goddess of hunting
  • goddess of knowledge
  • god of machines
  • god of power
  • God of War

You get access to 3 different talent pools as well as 24 talent pools to choose from. The game will also recommend you specific talents that you can identify with an asterisk. This is really useful for beginners who have not yet understood the talent system in the game.

For the first board, you can choose from the six talents mentioned above. Your choice of talent depends on the character you choose. For example, if you play Berserker Rehan, the game will recommend choosing a God of Might talent.

For the second team, you will need to choose another talent from the list of available talents. These talents will be exclusive to your character. Again, the game will recommend the best talent you choose for your chosen character.

Finally, the third panel will be up to your preference. There seems to be no limit on this part, and you can try any combinations you want.

How do skills work?

Credits: Team1Up

Now that we’ve covered the talent system, let’s now talk about skills. The game will provide you 5 active skills and 3 passive skills. Not only that, but you can also upgrade those skills to make them even more powerful via energy.

You can change an active skill however you like by going to the skill menu and clicking on it and then clicking the Change button. This will then show you the skill store with a list of skills you can exchange for them.

As you upgrade your active skills, you will be able to add support skills which will give different effects to your active skills. For example, you can upgrade your skill in Ice Lance by using multiple projectiles which increases the number of projectiles you shoot at your target.

Credits: Team1Up

Similar to your active skill, you can also change support skills via the change button. This allows you to experiment with a lot of builds until you make one that works for you.

Also, you have to pay attention to the support skill you add to your active skill. This is because some support skills will not provide any benefit to an active skill if they do not match their description. For example, if you’re using the Black Hole skill and it’s an area spell, supporting it with multiple projectiles won’t work at all.

The reason is that multiple projectiles only support skills that fire projectiles. However, a support skill like Freeze Chance will work with the black hole because the description says it will support skills that do damage.