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Get ready to engage in an addictive and puzzle-solving adventure academy, while role-playing as a group of students and freely exploring their new school. Enjoy the engaging and exciting in-game stories that follow the paths of our various characters in the Academy. Unveil the hidden secrets behind the seemingly natural establishment and learn how to solve fascinating puzzles.

Featuring multi-episode stories, the academy allows Android players to freely explore the school and discover its unique institutions. Feel free to interact with the characters, unlock in-game adventures, and have fun exploring their features to the fullest. Take advantage of interactive mechanics to freely discover episodes and pursue your epic adventures The Academy.

Find out more about this interesting mobile game from Snapbreak with our comprehensive reviews.

story / gameplay

Here at the Academy, Android players will have the opportunity to join Sham, who is a new student at the Academy – the popular school for talented students only. Here, you will meet your other friends who share the same interests and curiosity to discover secrets and protect their school.

It has features and gameplay similar to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery that allows Android gamers to experience many exciting adventures within the game. Take advantage of useful and interactive controls to freely interact with the game’s environments. Discover their unique secrets and learn how you can take care of their particular puzzles.

Solve in-game challenges and discover new clues for your missions. Explore the mysterious rooms in the game and unlock their particular features in the game. Enjoy engaging episodes through story-driven gameplay. Follow your adventures and enjoy the stories in the academy.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive touch controls

First of all, Android players at The Academy can quickly engage in this fun adventure and role-playing game, thanks to its simple and intuitive touch controls and game mechanics. Enjoy exploring the huge academy with lots of different locations to unlock and start your adventures with. Take advantage of interactive touch actions to investigate and interact with specific in-game items. Enjoy playing exciting adventures with various related gesture controls. Unveil the secrets behind seemingly natural institutions.

Academy screen 1

Feel free to explore the academy

Speaking of which, the academy isn’t as simple as it seems at first, the institution has many different secrets that its residents don’t know. In the role of the new student and a few of his friends, players will need to look at the areas and find out their secrets. Enjoy exploring the beautiful and aesthetic academy with many amazing designs. Interact freely with the interactive elements within the game. And you have an absolute fun role playing the game as the different characters solve their puzzles.

Many unique quizzes and puzzles to solve

For those of you who are interested, you can now unlock unique quizzes and puzzles in The Academy, which will allow you to solve some puzzles while enjoying the game. With over 200 unique quizzes, each featuring its own unique challenges, players can always have fun playing the mind game in the academy. You find yourself really happy when you solve any problems or make progress in the game.

Academy screen 2

Awesome and captivating stories

To make the game even more enjoyable, Android players at The Academy can now enjoy fascinating and captivating in-game stories, which introduce them to the interesting school and its hidden secrets. Feel free to take on many challenges within the game, as you enjoy unlocking incredible secrets and go through many adventures that follow the gameplay.

Unveil the hidden secrets

The old school and town of Arbor contains many hidden secrets that have arisen from its centuries of existence. Each character from the area will have their own unique stories to tell about their hometown and school. It’s your job to unravel centuries-old mysteries while enjoying role-playing as a student at the academy.

Academy screen 0

Interesting characters in the game to interact with

Speaking of which, the academy features many interesting characters within the game, which you can interact with freely and enjoy more playing the great mobile title. Feel free to take them and interact with them to discover their stories. Make friends to get help whenever you need it. Together, you can advance in the game and solve the puzzles of the academy.

Academy screen 3

New episodes always ready

To make sure you can always enjoy the exciting gameplay of the Academy to the fullest, Snapbreak will feature new episodes featuring new stories and adventures for our group of Academy students to get started. Feel free to enjoy the current episodes and have fun with them before moving on to the next adventures. Always expect new features in the game with its frequent updates.

Enjoy the game without internet

To improve the accessibility of the game, Snapbreak also allows the academy to play offline for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can now enjoy exciting role-playing and adventure without having to connect your devices to the internet. Enjoy exploring stories anytime and anywhere you want.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Thus, you can now pick it up from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Enjoy playing the game with many episodes available. But if you want to unlock the game completely, there will still be ads and in-app purchases that you should consider.

Get an unlocked version of the game

And speaking of that, to make sure that you can enjoy playing the academy unlocked, we also offer our modded version of the game on our website, which you can get for free. You only need to download a file MOD Academy APKFollow the instructions provided to install it successfully, and you can start enjoying the full game. Enjoy its full episodes with complete updates and in-game features, which will surely impress many of you.

Picture and sound quality


Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting adventure and role-playing gameplay of the academy, as you learn about the beautiful structures of the ancient academy and the city of Arbar. Also, enjoy playing with many cool characters with realistic designs and in-game animations. More importantly, the great visual effects will make the whole gameplay more fun and exciting.

sound and music

Along with the great graphics, the academy will also allow Android players to enjoy the game with exciting audio experiences. Here, the game features amazing soundtracks consisting of many powerful and emotional songs that will make you addicted to different actions. In addition, the realistic sound effects will make the in-game movements more intuitive and relatable. Simply put on your headphones and you will find yourself inside the wonderful world of the academy.

last thoughts

With simple yet very enjoyable gameplay, along with amazing puzzles and captivating stories, The Academy will surely impress many Android players who are interested in the addictive game of adventure and puzzle solving. Enjoy exploring the vast game world with many interesting secrets for you to discover. Enjoy spending time solving brilliantly created puzzles and quizzes that will keep you engaged. And always enjoy the amazing stories that let you explore the greatness and dread of the old school.