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Jika sobat ingin mencari artikel tentang Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK 1.181.97 (Unlimited Money) for Android disini tempatnya . Baca artikel tentang Super Toss The Turtle MOD APK 1.181.97 (Unlimited Money) for Android .

Super toss the turtle It is a new product from publisher GonzoSSM that we would like to introduce to you today. The game inherits the same shooting angle gameplay as the Angry Birds you knew before. With new gameplay, we guarantee that Suрer Toss The Turtle is a fun gift for the best entertainment.

In the game, you will control the machine gun, the bullet of the gun, and especially the funny green turtle with a certain range. From the shooting angle of your machine gun, set the turtle ammo high to hit targets above and below ground.

Your targets include many dangerous enemies like animals using guns and opponent’s weapons. Don’t let the turtle fall and touch anyone, it will be very dangerous if you shoot too close.

Suрer Toss The Turtle has a colorful interface like the cartoon you’ve seen. The image of the main characters in the game has a special appearance, which is neither internationalist nor aggressive. Besides, many caliber weapons, from corn stalks to heavy rockets, will be sold in the store. Each one will carry a higher band and be displayed with a power strip for your note.

general information

Suрer Toss The Turtle is a well-formulated shooter with very attractive graphics. In the game, players will use cannons and guns to shoot the furthest turtle. You will hit targets like enemies, guns, weapons and gold coins on the way.

Suрer Toss Turtle has coordinated shooting (or shooting angle) gameplay similar to Angry Birds games, but with a new style. The game provides an enjoyable experience and helps you entertain the best. blast. The in-game CO stores are back in action and the competition takes it to a whole new level.

You can compete with friends and other players to see who can shoot the farthest turtle. By playing the games, the task of the player is to control the machine guns, cannons and even improvised weapons like the slingshot.

Pistol bullets are for cute green turtles. Make sure to shoot the correct angle. Remember to adjust the turtle’s bullets tightly and shoot accurately so that the turtle can fly as far as possible. You must hit the targets in the air and on the ground to earn the most money.

The game has a variety of weapons like cannons, rifles, bombs, jets, missiles and nuclear weapons for players to use. Each type has a different range, displayed by a power strip for easy observation. Besides shooting turtles, you can also shoot many other animals to make the game more exciting.

Besides shooting long distances, players also have to make use of three support opportunities to help the turtle reach longer distances. The further away you go, the more points and rewards you get. The salient features of Suрer Toss The Turtle for Android include:

  • The game is free for everyone to download and play.
  • Many enemies and objects are on the way.
  • Many unique characters to portray.
  • More than a dozen different cannons and guns.
  • New boosts give you hours of more fun gameplay.
  • More than 80 achievements.
  • Countless important items to help you fly higher and farther.
  • Save the game to the cloud.
  • High quality graphics and sound.

Super guide toss turtle

Suрer Toss The Turtle is a game that focuses on throwing turtles and small animals for slaughter into the air. The game aims to get longer and longer distances. Based on this feature and the massacres received, our character will be the reward we can get on each launch.

Various obstacles, traps, boosters, bombs and all kinds of explosions will be the most popular feature to achieve long distances. Find out how to harness your abilities to better shoot from capturing more enhancements.

There are a series of basic tips that you should keep in mind on every shot or cannon shot we start with our turtles. Once, as a beginner, it often takes time to discover different tips to be most effective.

Suрer toss the turtle screen 3

target angle

The best slopes you can take full advantage of are around 50° to 45°. You can also put into practice, always choose the full bar so that our turtles can go off.

Guide your turtle

When our turtle or our character is walking in the air and we tap on the screen, a scene with arrows appears. The inner part prompts the turtle to move in this direction. It brakes and accelerates, which we don’t need. It is recommended to continue pressing forward. It is also useful in the last moments of the movement to avoid sharp obstacles.


It is a key factor that can increase the distance traveled. It is advisable to press our character when they are in a sharp downtrend and at the beginning of the launch. These actions will keep us in the air longer, with a higher probability of picking up some reinforcements.

Suрer toss the turtle screen 2


Most objects fall on rockets or boosters that last for moments when fired. Just as some provide us with additional bullets for any weapon, they are all very important. The more you go back, the more useful it is.

Finally, it should be noted that the three categories of in-game purchases are; Cannons, weapons and objects. They are so essential that the better we have, the greater the distance we can achieve.


When prestige is activated, we will have access to purchase special weapons. Keep in mind that we will lose weapons when activated. In the same way as the articles and characters, the benefit is that it will increase us by 15% of the earned profit.

So, how is prestige activated? We need to play normal mode and buy all weapons. After that, try to buy a special weapon. And then it will ask us if we want to activate prestige mode.

Tips & Tricks Suрer Toss The Turtle MOD APK

Are you looking for game tricks Suрer Toss The Turtle MOD APK? Want some tricks to make your life easier in Suрer Toss The Turtle? Do you play Suрer Toss The Turtle and stick to a certain level?

Not a problem! We are here to help. In this section we will see with many tricks of the game Suрer Toss The Turtle MOD APK. Quickly and easily, you can unlock many additional features in this game and increase the fun.

Game Description

blast. The CO store is back in business, and the competition is getting more and more exciting. Play against your friends and the world to become the best turtle shooter in Suрer Toss The Turtle.

Shoot as much as you can with cannons, shotguns, bombs, jet packs, nuclear weapons and many other cool gadgets! Choose from a large variety of different animals to brighten your hearts.

The tricks have been personally tested and work perfectly on Galaxy S7. If they work for us, they work for you, too. If you cannot activate it, it means that you are doing something wrong with the procedure.

Point out that in some games, especially those that also play online in multiplayer, applying tricks may run the risk of getting banned. Also, remember that we have not created all the files linked here. But we are looking for it on other foreign sites, give it a try and test it for you. Also, if this article causes problems, we will remove it without problems, just contact us via email or leave a comment.

The cheat is compatible with the latest updated version of the game available on the Google Play Store. The guide is always updated as it points you directly to the forum where the tricks are posted. This way, you will download updated tricks for the game every time they release updates from the developers.

Suрer toss the turtle screen 1

What is an APK file for Android?

Let’s start with a small premise. What is an APK file on Android? Without being too specific, know that an Android APK file is similar to an exe file on a Windows PC.

APK format is the default format for Android programs. An APK file is an executable file that is started and once you run and open it with a specific program, it allows you to install an application on your device. It is basically the installation file of a specific program that you want to install on your Android device.

To install APK and OBB files on Android, follow these simple steps:

  • Connect your Android smartphone or tablet to your PC/Mac using a special cable
  • Open Windows Explorer (or the corresponding program on Mac), select the APK file you want to install on Android, and copy / paste into the internal or external memory (MicroSD) of the Android device. You can copy the APK file wherever you want. Did not matter. The important thing is to remember where you copied it.
  • We create a folder called “APKs” in the internal memory of our Android smartphone and manually copy all the APK files that we want to install. In this way, we can avoid having APK files scattered around the phone memory. We also recommend that you follow these instructions.
  • Now that you have copied the APK file on Android, take your smartphone or tablet. Start with the file manager you installed earlier and find the file you copied already a little while ago.
  • Still from the file manager, click on the APK file you want to install and the installation procedure for the APK file will start. It will take a little time to complete. The game does not start after the installation is complete, the guide is not over yet.
  • Now that you have installed the APK file, you need to install the OBB file to complete the installation of your game on Android. To install the OBB file, always leave the smartphone connected to your PC/Mac. Open the file manager on your Android device, go to the internal memory and find the “Android” folder.
  • Open the “Android” folder in the internal memory and check if there is a folder called “OBB” inside it. If this folder already exists, you can go to the next step in the guide. If the “OBB” folder is missing, create it yourself.
  • Once you have created/selected the OBB folder on your smartphone, copy the folder containing the OBB file of the game you want to install into it.

Instructions to activate tricks, cheats and hacks in Suрer Toss The Turtle MOD APK

We recommend that you follow the steps on your Mac or PC and not on your phone/tablet. You do everything at your own risk. We have tested the procedure. But if something goes wrong with your devices, we will not take any responsibility.

The cheat file was not created or uploaded to the Internet via this link. We found the cheat file on other English or US language forums/websites; We have tried and tested it thoroughly and written the guide for you to use. nothing else!

Other users have created the file and uploaded it to the web. Therefore, we take no responsibility for issues related to the file you download and install on your device. There is always the risk of losing your rescues. Even in this case, we will not take any responsibility. Do everything at your own risk.

If you know how to proceed, here are the pointers written in a more synthetic fashion:

  • Uninstall any already installed versions of the game
  • Go to this website and open the post about the game which contains the latest tricks. We have already set the search. You just need to open the post with the latest update.
  • Inside the article, download the APK file (and OBB file) with active tricks
  • Install the APK file with any file manager after copying it to your smartphone or tablet. You can follow our guide to this step in the previous section.
  • Once the game is installed, copy the OBB folder inside the Android smartphone’s memory to the OBB folder. If it doesn’t exist, you have to create it manually. If there is no OBB folder in the downloaded file, then you do not need to install it.
  • Finally, start the game and enjoy the tricks.

last words

Suрer Toss The Turtle is perfect for players who love the casual puzzle game genre. The gameplay is similar to Angry Birds, but the protagonist is a cute turtle. It provides a variety of powerful weapons and guns. There are nuclear weapons that you can use, download and try out.

The graphics of the game are wonderful and colorful. The gameplay of this game is similar to Angry Birds. Players just need to use cannons, pistols, bombs, jet packs, missile launchers, nuclear weapons and other prizes to shoot the turtle as much as possible.

The game provides players with a wealth of weapons and equipment. But players still pay attention to the launch angle. Only in this way, you can shoot to the destination more accurately.