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Sort Master APK is a puzzle game inspired by the cool color grading process. Your task is simply to sort the same watercolors into the same glass jar to complete the challenge. Of course, things will become more difficult in the next stages, be prepared to overcome them.

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Show About Sort Master

Sort Master – puzzle game combined with colorful water sorting tasks

Colorful water sorting in Sort Master will provide you endless puzzle experiences. It is really a game with simple requirements but it will help you to train your brain effectively. All operations in the game are optimized by the publisher SUPERBOX.Inc on mobile devices. Simply touch the screen to efficiently direct water from one cup to another. Download this game through Google Play or APK link below the article to test the fun and addiction it brings.

Simple puzzle game

It can be seen that the simple puzzle game of the genre Sort Master has not changed much compared to other games of the same genre. More specifically, you will try to sort the colored watercolors into glass tubes so that one beaker contains only one type of watercolor. This means that players need to pour water from one pipe to another several times in order to be able to meet the requirements of the system.

At the same time, the operation method is also very easy. All the player has to do is select the glass tube they want to pour, and then touch the other glass tube to perform the casting process. Although it is easy to approach it, over time players will encounter many difficulties. You need to make the right choices to complete the order as quickly as possible.

Easy but also difficult

Sorting the colored water into the countless glass tubes in Sort Master is not easy at all. Because players will have to follow some specific rules throughout the game. For example, you can only pour water from one tube to another if they are the same color above and have room to hold more water. Remember that the watercolors in each glass bowl will not mix with each other, but rather are categorized into distinct layers so that players can easily distinguish them.

On some levels you can see some completely empty glass jars. Take advantage of these glassware to sort colored water faster. Try to solve all the levels to feel the attraction of this game. Don’t worry too much if you get stuck at a certain level, you can start over at any time.

The difficulty gradually increases in the following levels

At first, just sort the water into a few cups, the watercolors are not too many. This will help the players to get to play the game effectively. Your intelligence and logical thinking will be tested in the next levels. Specifically, Sort Master will bring more items along with the stringent requirements that require players to complete.

Usually more watercolor appears as more glass tubes are added. While the disappearance of the empty glass tubes will certainly make the puzzle process more difficult. This is the time when you need to show your logical thinking by arranging the watercolors effectively. A few wrong operations are enough to make you feel stuck when solving puzzles.

Enjoy anytime and anywhere

Sort Master allows players to access and solve color grading puzzles anytime and anywhere. This game will help you to kill time effectively through a series of levels with increasing difficulty. You can easily play the game in your spare time, on the way home, and on other occasions. At the same time, this game does not require players to play much and can still achieve high scores. There is no penalty or time limit shown in this game so you can solve the puzzle with peace of mind.

Colorful graphics

The main content of Sort Master revolves around colorful watercolor samples, so you will see a lot of colors incorporated into this game. Accordingly, all the details are designed to stand out on the screen. Although simple, details such as glass jars or the surrounding background will leave you feeling thrilled. Moreover, the game screen will have a permanent change of background to give a sense of boredom.

How to install Sort Master

Step 1: Click on the Download link and please wait a few seconds to download the APK version of Sort Master.

Step 2: Install the file and maintain a stable internet connection to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the game and login and enjoy the awesome color grading puzzles.

Download Sort Master APK for Android

Solving the various watering puzzles in Sort Master is sure to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. This game offers a lot of unique levels along with increasing difficulty that allows players to test their intelligence freely. You can solve puzzles at your own pace without worrying about the time factor in this game.

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