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Silver Screen Story MOD APK allows players to become the master of a movie studio with a full movie making stage in reality. Your job is to ensure that every process in your studio creates the best films, thus contributing to the studio’s reputation and helping it grow.

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Presentation on the story of the silver screen

Silver Screen Story – an engaging studio management simulation game

The entire blockbuster movie production stages will be carried over into the silver screen story. This is a studio management simulation game from the famous publisher Kairosoft. Here, players will be challenged as the head of a movie studio who has a lot of work to do to solve. You will be responsible for managing all activities in the studio and creating the most compelling films.

When you have enough money, you can develop new activities in your studio to make it famous all over the world. If you do not want to spend $3.85 to download this game through Google Play, then the APK link below will be a great choice for you. Are you ready to become the owner of a professional movie studio that you developed yourself?

Make the best movies

Joining the silver screen story, players will have to find ways to create great movies to increase profits. You need to find a way to keep the box office occupied, but creating a movie that attracts a lot of people is not easy at all.

It depends a lot on the right strategy, scenario, effective advertising, and more. The player’s success in this game is the number of visitors to the movie. The more viewers you have, the more revenue you will generate. Be prepared with great ideas in the film industry to raise your profile in this field.

Hiring talented employees

Building a popular movie studio requires the help of many good people, and you can’t do all the activities on your own. Accordingly, talented directors will help you effectively manage the filmmaking process. But at the same time, you need to find a way to maximize their potential through the right choices.

Remember that each employee will be an important factor in making the movie completion process more efficient. In addition to that, you should also hire talented and famous actors to make your movies more attractive. The popularity of the actors is also an effective PR ploy for your movie to reach a wider audience.

Studio facilities development

Download the silver screen story program

When creating a stable source of income, you should invest the earned money to develop facilities such as CG or audio studios, cafes, etc. Acting school is also an important area for you to find new talents in the field of cinema.

We believe that a new generation of actors and directors will help you create more exciting and exciting works than before. The development of facilities in the studio will also contribute to increasing the quality of the film to the highest level. However, you need to manage your money effectively to avoid a lack of budget.

Adjust the shooting scene accordingly

The silver screen story allows players to access many different elements directly related to the movie. You can choose the appropriate genre, subject and shooting location to make these works more attractive. Creating successful films is not easy, but everything in this game will help you intuitively approach this business.

At the same time, you also have the freedom to customize the shooting scenes such as the vast beach, theater, location, green park, and more. Depending on the content of the film, the context must change to avoid audience boredom. Choose the right sites to help your movie convey more impressive content.

Classic pixel graphics

Download Silver Screen Story apk

Like previous games from publisher Kairosoft, Silver Screen Story has 2D graphics quality paired with classic pixel style. Accordingly, the details do not look very prominent but still give players a sense of familiarity from the first experience. You can easily visualize the activities in the studio through specific images on the screen. In addition to the outstanding pixel graphics, the game also has a lively sound that definitely attracts players.

How to install Silver Screen Story

Step 1: Please click the Download link to download the APK version of Silver Screen Story to your phone.

Step 2: Install the file and please wait for a while for the installation to complete.

Step 3: The game will be playable after the installation is completed. You can enjoy the game offline.

Download Silver Screen Story MOD APK for Android

The story of the silver screen almost perfectly mimics the development process of a real-life movie studio. This game will give you a lot of different challenges as a professional movie maker. Examples include hiring, market analysis, business expenses, and more. You need to make sure that everything is working for the growth of your studio.

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