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The last chapter of SCORN, the fifth chapter, is where you will fight against the final name of your boss which is Krang. As the last boss of the game, Krang is not someone you want to underestimate. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to drop either.

In this guide, I will show you a strategy that will help you beat Krang without much effort.

Krang Boss Fighting Guide in SCORN

Once you get to the boss room with two huge cages in the middle, you’ll want to turn right to find the fetal pod. Take the capsule and place it inside the robotic device that you can find on the other side of the room.

After the capsule is inserted, the automaton will jerk for a few seconds. But since the capsule is a failure, you want to destroy it by shooting it with your gun. First, use your gun to break the glass and then shoot the fetus to kill it.

You will then want to take the corpse and place it inside the console where you inserted a blood vessel. Activate the console to crush the fetus and fill the vial with blood. Take the flask, turn right and go straight back to the previous room where you first found the flask.

After a short while, take the flask and go back to the boss’ room.

Prepare to fight

Before anything else, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared to take on the Krang. The manager may not be that hard, but he can still get you down if you’re not careful.

For this, you want to store health from the stations behind the second Krang compartment. Make sure to reload your gun, too.

Once you are ready, take the second embryo pod and place it on the robotic device again. This time, however, the robot will start moving and will throw you to the ground. This is where the boss fight begins.

The second stage of Krang Boss

The first stage of the Krang boss can be somewhat explosive. Its bombs are used to cause an explosion in a small area. Your strategy at this point is to run around the room and wait for the boss to exhaust all his grenades and start reloading.

Once the boss performs the reload animation, you will notice two purple bags on his back. You want to shoot them with your gun one by one. After the first bag is fired, the boss will come back and start shooting his grenades again.

Simply repeat the process until you have a chance to destroy her second cyst. After popping both bags, it will then come down. Interact with his grenade launcher to start the second stage, causing him to catch you and then throw you to the ground.

You want Krang to get close to you and do a melee attack. Once he performs the attack animation, his chest will also open. Make sure to shoot the follicle of the fetus to cause damage. This is what you will do throughout the fight.

However, keep in mind that there will be a slowdown after the fetal follicle has been shot. Make sure to run around the room for about a minute or so before trying to get Krang to reveal the capsule again.

After taking down the Krang, you can now take her grenade launcher.

The final stage of Krang Boss

After defeating the boss, take his corpse and place it inside the console. Activate the console again to crush the corpse to fill the vial with blood. Head back to the boss’ room, and halfway there, the grenade launcher will stick itself to your arm.

Simply continue forward and step on the switch next to the locked gate on the right to open the shutter above. Shoot the bars with the grenade launcher to open the gate. Take the finished embryo pod and place it inside the robotic device in the corner of the room one last time.

But before doing this, you can also pick up ammunition for the grenade launcher from the previous automatic. Once you’re ready, place the capsule inside the robot in the corner of the room to start the fight.

Just keep in mind that the grenade launcher is the only weapon you can use in this battle. You can refill its ammo simply by taking it from the back of the previous bot. This is not that difficult as it is similar to the previous fight.

However, instead of pods, you’ll have to shoot the bot’s back cavity when it starts to reload. This will expose the rear bore, allowing you to shoot a grenade into it.

Once the boss is defeated, take the corpse one last time and place it on the console to crush it and fill the flask.