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Learn the ins and outs of robots. Train your robot from scratch. Teach him to walk, work and even fight. Once you’re ready, you can head out into the arena and pit your bot against the many other devices owned by users around the world.

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Invite your friends, learn and grow together as you create unstoppable machines to battle each other. Download Robotics for Android.

Control your robot

In bots, you must dictate all the actions of your bot. Each movement and swipe of your finger will determine the next movement the robot will make.

To start playing, you will be directed through a quick tutorial. This will explain the controls and mechanics of the game.


First, your robot has a body and three main limbs – legs and arms. You can customize these different parts to better suit your personal fighting style.

The walls will be closed on the two robots, after some time. If they can’t finish their battle in time, the walls will wipe out both robots. At least, the winner will be the one who lives longer than the dangers of the walls.

Bots Features

  • The learning mechanism of your robot is very fun. You can move and drag certain parts of his body in order to follow the exact actions. Once you’re ready, the bot will continue to level up by repeating everything you’ve shown.
  • The physics-based gameplay is a huge factor in your experience. Collisions, battles, interactions, and more depend on how you teach your bot how to move and respond. This can lead to some funny and crazy moments.
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  • Fight against your friends and other players from all over the world. You are not the only person who has trained in robotics. There are thousands like you, ready to prove themselves in the arena.
  • In addition, customize your bot with many different parts. Body parts, legs, and arms allow for an almost endless amount of robot combinations. Think strategically and understand what is best for creating the ultimate robot.
  • Get ready for the many different competitions that are held on a regular basis. You’ll need to climb to the top of the rankings if you want to earn some serious prizes. The better you are – the more chance you have to win exclusive prizes that other players want to get.
  • The progression system is recorded through the belts. The stronger you and your robot get, the better belts you will get to display your rank. Among them all, black belt dominates at the top of the ranking.


The game looks good and feels natural. The game is presented in 2D with the robots having a certain charm to them. The animation is smooth as each machine interacts with the world around it. As it should be, after all, this is a physics-based game.

Robotics APK Free Download

Why should you worry about the competition, when you can get a head start and skip the grind? Let all the simps make their way to the top, when you can really be there from the start. We are talking about the latest version of Robotics APK for Android.

Download bots for Android

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