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Risk is the acronym for the game Danger: global domination. This is a popular strategy game with more than 5 million downloads worldwide on Google Play. So far, it has received many good comments about its creative gameplay and exhilarating competition offered to the players. The game offers players several game modes, each with a different background story and rewards to be earned. Thanks to the versatility of the game itself, it is very much appreciated by many players.

Besides, Risk is built with 3D design, so the game visuals are very entertaining. It seems acceptable for all ages as there is not much violence or blood in the game. So, you can share it with your friends or relatives freely. Coming back to why this game is so popular worldwide, let’s take a look at the next review!


The story of the game is not different from other strategy games. You will choose your country first before forming armies. After that, you hand over decks of cards to more armies and take turns waging war. In terms of content, the game requires you to eliminate opponents and set the goal of world domination. This is why the classic map that you play in the game is actually the world map divided into regions. However, some large countries are divided into different regions, and not all countries are shown on the map.

Since Risk offers multiple smaller parts of the world, you can only pay attention to a specific area or choose to play unique maps. The layout of the areas is similar to a castle. As mentioned earlier, this game is turn based, which is similar to a board game. In addition, each role has three phases, including the propagation phase, the attack phase, and the fortification phase. When you start your turn, you will get reinforcements. Keep in mind that the number of areas you control will determine the number of troops you will receive.

You have to deploy these forces mentioned above on your territory. Moreover, while playing stakes, you can collect cards. With three identical cards, you can trade more troops. After placing new troops, you can attack repeatedly, and the battle is based on throwing dice. In other words, the roll of the dice will determine whether or not your attack is successful. For example, if you outnumber the opponent, you win. However, you still lose some troops. Here is some necessary information about the attack phase.

Speaking of the boost stage, it’s quite simple. You just have to select an area and the number of troops to move from one area to another. The transfer automatically ends your turn because you only have one transfer. Regarding the most challenging part of the game, you have to defend your limits, and this is the deployment stage. The weaker your limits, the greater the depth of your opponent. So, this game seems to be easy to learn but hard to master as it requires some strategies and tricks to win.

Risk Features


  • Genre: Action and Adventure
  • Developed by: SMG Studio
  • Version: 2.7.2
  • Update: October 10, 2020
  • Size: 69MB
  • Requirements: Android 4.4 and above

Wide range of game modes

There are several game modes available, including online global domination, Single Player, Play Friends online, and Pass & Play. This also means that the game allows players to play with other players around the world. When the match begins, you are paired up with four different players. The competition consists of five players competing against each other, and the score can determine whether or not your name is on the international leaderboard.

Multiple maps and strategies

Each map in the game is designed with a specific theme and a lot of characters, which contributes to the diversification of the stakes. With such a diverse map and large areas, you have to think of a strategy to organize your forces so that you can get as much land as possible.

On the other hand, you should not forget to protect the areas you control. To do this, you have to focus on training your soldiers regularly because the most important component of the battle is the army. So, you need your army to prepare for it.


  • authentic rules
  • Easily add friends and send challenges
  • Fun Animated Gods
  • Send emojis of joy when you conquer opponents


visuals and sound


The core feature of this game is the colors, which make it easy for players to see the different areas under control. The 2D animation can light up your mood, and the characters are colorful in relation to the personality. Since everything is decided by dice, there are no violent fights at all. In general, with colorful and lively animation style, the risk-taking can attract many players.

It seems

In terms of sound, the music creates a cheerful and light mood. There won’t be a lot of talking sounds that are sometimes annoying and distracting. Music is played only to enhance what is happening. Therefore, it was better to enjoy the game and the sound.

Risk Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change territory card reward rules?

First you have to select the map. Then, click on the green arrow on your mobile screen. You will see the reward card; You only have to choose between static and advanced rules. To learn more about these rules, you can click on the help icon in the game options.

How do I add a risk friend?

You will see the green smileys icon used to add friends. By clicking on that, you will receive a link to your profile via social media applications or messages. Another option to expand your friend’s circle is to copy your ID into the game. Click on it and send it to a friend. They will then enter your ID manually on the Add Friend screen.

Can I speed up the roll of the dice when participating in risk fights?

Yes you can. In battle mode, choose Blitz. After that, you only need to wait until all the opponent’s defending forces or attacking forces are eliminated. In other words, this feature acts as a continuous attack.

Can I shorten the duration of turns?

You can simply click the share button after selecting a particular map. Next, you will see Turn Timer, and you can change the time from 1 to 5 minutes per turn. Remember that if you play the game in single player mode, you will not have the turn timer.

How can I change my name at risk?

Unfortunately, the game does not support custom usernames. You will be logged into the game through Google Play, Facebook, Steam, Apple or Game Center. Therefore, it is the only way to personalize your name at risk.


Something small, risk It is really a decent game. You can have fun in single player mode, but it will be more exciting when it comes with multiplayer features. So, get ready to recruit troops, start strikes, and defend your lands!