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Music is the sounds that are arranged in a way that is fun and exciting to listen to. Music will also bring us many different emotions. And if you are someone who loves to mix sound effects and you want to do so, Remixlive will be a good choice that you should not ignore. Remixlive is a simple and intuitive application for music composition and performance. The full name of the app is Remixlive – Make Music & Beats. In the application, you can create clips of exciting music. This will be very interesting. Let’s install Remixlive and give it a try now.

Subscribe and test all the features

Remixlive is an application created and presented by Mixvibes. Mixvibes was founded in 1999 by Eric Guise in Paris, France. Mixvibes is a pioneer of DJ software that has been around since the early days of DJing and is the creator of the most powerful DJ software – Cross DJ. Remixlive is available on Google Play and the App Store. So you can install the application on mobile devices running on Android or iOS operating systems. Remixlive is also supported on computers like Mac and tablets like iPad. And the app is completely free to download. Besides, you will need to be connected to the internet when using the app.

Remixlive is a free app. But the app also offers monthly and yearly subscription plans. They will allow you to unlock unlimited access that free accounts cannot access. For example, unlock all the features, including the sequencer, recordings, import samples… or get all the available FXs and access all the audio packages. Additionally, when you sign up for the premium subscription plans, you will have a 7-day free trial. This will help you know the benefits you can get. Moreover, you can cancel anytime you don’t want to use it. It is very easy. In particular, all application packages are royalty-free. So you can share your recordings everywhere on social media.

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Support a lot of sound effects

Remixlive includes loops and sequences that are automatically synced to the beat on an 8×6 grid. With over 180 audio packages including 48 loops, 48 ​​samples, 48 ​​sequences and pre-made tracks, the app offers a wide range of musical genres. In addition, new content is created every week. Try 10 free bundles now. Remixlive comes with twice as many loops and samples, support for MIDI controllers and the all-new Chromebook app.

Remixlive now allows you to build a complete performance with the new Live Set feature. Combine samples from different projects without having to stop the music and mix like a DJ all night long! This new Remixlive feature redefines creative live performance. With the musical elements available to the music tracks independently of each other, Live Set shuffling is limitless. To activate the Live Set mode, simply enable the Live Set option in the settings. The sample library has been reformatted to make it easier to access all of your samples. It’s now easier than ever to distinguish, arrange, and play samples across different audio packages.

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Create and remix

With Remixlive, you can become a composer. Because the app will allow you to create your own tracks in your own way. You can combine rhythms, drums, bass lines, melodies, vocals, and FX of any kind to create a track. Besides, you can also play live with drum stands. This will add depth to your performance. Moreover, there are many DJ-style effects in Remixlive that can help you shape your voice in real time. For example: repeat beating, filtering, delay, … The app also allows you to transfer your performances to any other music DAW like GarageBand, FL Studio, iMPC – or mix in a DJ app like Cross DJ, Djay, etc.

In addition, this new music creation tool features a professional drum pad, looper, sequencer, and song mode ideal for both live performance and musical composition. The next thing will make you feel attractive.

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Synchronous playback loops.

Everything you need, from starting fully synchronized loops to adding FX, is packed into an all-in-one remix app. Create rich, multi-layered tracks in Remixlive using the multiplayer mode. Remixlive integrates a seamless lead time that makes it possible to collect samples from many different sources, including more than 150 professional sample packages available in the app.

Create your own sequences

This new feature allows us to give everyone the ability to create their own styles, create more complex music and step up their game by developing their own style. In addition, you can also play the sequences the way you would in desktop programs such as Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, or FL Studio. And if you feel that your sequence is not good, you can still modify it. Furthermore, Remixlive is designed to be very intuitive. So you can easily create your own unique patterns, melodies, rhythms and tracks.

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Drum with your creations

Real-time finger drumming using samples from a single shot, whether you’re playing on a mobile device or a PC with/without a console. Record sounds and create patterns thanks to a loop-based sequencer with overdub. Finger percussion network allows for automatic creation of drum patterns and melodies, all powered by a powerful motor that ensures low latency on most devices.

Arrange and share your tracks

Song mode allows you to precisely adjust the length of individual samples, BPM and ADSR. Once edited, sounds imported from the library or recorded with the microphone become the basis for new compositions.

Upload your recordings to SoundCloud or easily share them with your friends and family via email or any number of messaging apps. Remixlive for iOS also takes advantage of the broad sharing capabilities of the iOS platform, such as Open in, Files or AudioShare.

Professional Features of Remixlive

Each game will have its own features. And Remixlive is the same. There are 7 professional features in Remixlive that will make you feel interesting. The first feature is to import your own samples. With this feature, you can import your samples directly from your local library as MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, AIFF and 16/24 bit. Editing your samples is the second advantage. In the app, you can edit your samples in Play Mode (Loop, Single Take, Portal), Quantize, Gain, Pan, Loop Division and Reverse. Besides, the game will also record your performance with high quality AAC audio. The fourth feature is Ableton Link. Ableton Link will sync your Remixline with Cross DJ Pro, any Link-compatible iOS apps, or with Ableton Live. In addition, the game also allows you to control FX, Levels, Filters, Mute/Solo and 3-band EQ on each channel.

Recording modes is the sixth feature. There are 4 recording modes in the app that you should pay attention to. Songs, drums, voices, microphone and master voice. Song mode will record audio loops and sequences in the timeline. But the Drums & Sounds mode allows you to record drum sounds and instruments in sequence. With microphone mode, you can pick up sounds from the microphone input. You can also create a new master audio recording in Master Audio mode. Record direct input through the microphone and pick up any sound or instrument to perform in Remixline. Furthermore, you can mix and match samples from existing packages to create new ones. This is also the last feature of Remixline – mix and match with your samples.

Thanks to the above things, Remixline has attracted more than 10 million users in the world. Let’s join Remixline and enjoy the fun things that the app will bring to you.