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Get ready to experience the amazing FPS action game, and complete various amazing missions in “Real Commando Secret Mission” – one of the exciting shooting games on mobile!

Developed by GAMEXIS, Real Commando Secret Mission is an exciting fps action game. The game has high quality 3D graphics and an engaging storyline. The game promises a lot of great action. The game offers great action experience, and it will take you to a whole level of shooting fun.

The real secret commando mission allows players to play as a secret commando, and perform challenging missions to destroy the enemy. You are a strong soldier and you have to serve the country by destroying the enemies. Players need to become very brave and skilled soldiers to complete challenging sniper challenges. The game offers many strategic missions, and you need to master your shooting skills to become a survivor.

Provide a great FPS experience

Real Commando Secret Mission game has all standards of FPS action game. The game promises to bring the best action scenes.

You will complete sniper missions, everything becomes infinitely offline. If you love offline shooting games, then Real Commando Secret Mission is the right choice. The game offers fun of shooting, and a lot of action fun. Try to complete all the missions to become the number one commando.

The game has addictive gameplay. Players use many modern weapons in fierce battle. The game will make your free time more enjoyable than ever. You have to be a powerful commando, try to win in the fierce battlefield, shoot the enemy soldiers in tough challenges. The game has many advantages compared to other similar shooting genres. Specifically, the game offers a variety of weapons and a variety of powerful weapons.

Real commando secret mission screen 0

Great job from a first person perspective

Real Commando Secret Mission game offers moments of great action offline, unlimited fun. Get ready to explore exciting levels in the game, find lots of real shooting fun.

You are originally a powerful soldier of the elite army special forces – a group trained by special forces. You are one of the leading flags on the front lines. You are equipped with many modern weapons, and you have many modern shooting skills. Prove the power of the world’s leading modern commando.

Real Commando Secret Mission allows you to enjoy offline games. The game offers high quality 3D graphics experience and very vivid sound. The great combination of graphics and sound will help to maximize the game experience.

The game offers great action sequences. Therefore, you will be very excited when you successfully kill your enemies in the game. It is recommended to use all kinds of guns and choose the right one for each mission or individual fighting style.

In particular, the game also gives you a pistol as a secondary weapon. You can even test your abilities by completing each mission with a compact gun.

Real commando secret mission screen 1

Discover a modern and powerful arsenal

Real Commando Secret Mission also offers a large arsenal of weapons. You will encounter many modern weapons like sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols and grenades. You will have to show your sniper skills if you want to kill enemies from a distance, or destroy all hidden enemies. Show your fighting skills with guns and grenades. Enemies and criminals are very smart, and they are all dangerous enemies. You have to be careful before every move or else you will lose.

Players will earn a lot of money after completing each challenging mission. You spend money to unlock new weapons, including many sniper and assault rifles. All the challenges are very intense, you need to come up with the right strategy to survive in the game. Each mission has a large force of enemies, and all the enemies are professional opponents.

real secret commando mission screen 2

Easy to control for everyone

Real Commando Secret Mission game has simple controls and suitable for everyone. The game offers easy-to-use FPS action type controls, and it is easy to see if you are used to playing games of the same genre. You can control your character using the navigation keys on the left side of the screen. You can use the weapon by swiping your finger on the right side of the screen. Your weapon fires automatically on the target, so just focus on the enemy to shoot.

Players use the bend, stand and shoot buttons to enjoy the amazing action scenes. The game has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily monitor the character’s health bar and remaining ammo.

You should also download “Encounter Strike” to experience fantastic firefights. You will become a master fighter in the fierce online battle. The game has addictive gameplay and modern weapons. Get ready to be a lone commando in the fierce battlefield!

Real commando secret mission screen 3

Ready to join the fierce battlefield

In short, Real Commando Secret Mission is a great action game. The game offers exciting first-person shooting experiences. You will become one of the best private army soldiers, and you will destroy a lot of enemies in secret missions. Everything happens in isolation and without government support. The graphics are designed in high quality 3D, and the sound is very attractive.

Commando Secret Mission is an amazing action and adventure experience, suitable for all ages. If you want to experience the violent shooter genre, download this amazing game!