Cek, Overwatch 2: How to Show FPS and Latency on Screen Disini!

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Monitor 2 It is now climbing to become one of the best first person shooter games of the year. It caters to both players who love to play FPS games, and those who are looking for Competitive FPS itch to be the best players.

However, the best players in any video game have the best equipment and have in-game enabled information to ensure that they are currently at their best. info like How many FPS do you currently have or how Your latency is high on servers right now

Not everyone knows how to see these stats in the game, especially beginners. This guide will provide you easy to follow steps on how to display FPS and Latency on screen Monitor 2. Let’s go to it.

How does FPS and latency appear?

To add FPS and Latency on the screen, you have to turn on certain settings in Options.

Once you are in the options, go to video Then go to details. In detail, you will see a file statistics. Under Statistics, it will be all settings that you want to turn on to see information that will affect how you play.

turn on View performance statsAnd the View framerateAnd the Show GPU temperatureAnd the Show the use of FramAnd the Show network latencyAnd the Show grid interpolationAnd the display system clock.

Turn on the display system clock, show the network interpolation delay, and the use of Vram is my choice. but the rest very important Trying to collect the information needed to win Monitor 2 Toys.

When you exit the menu, you will immediately notice in the top left the new stats displayed on your screen FPSAnd the response timeAnd the GPU temperature. So the next time you play Monitor 2Now you can be sure your response time and FPS are the best!