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If you thought first-person shooter games were just about skills, you’d better start thinking again. Sometimes it’s also about being proud of your game style. And how do you do that? By carrying it in your name within the game.

Who knows, maybe one day you will become a famous professional player in Overwatch 2. You definitely wouldn’t want to be a famous player with your chosen IGN at the age of 12.

It’s not too late to change it. You can still think of some username that will look perfect once an international commenter calls you by your name.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide to let you know how to change your Battle.Net name.

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Start by going to your browser and searching for battle.net. Once you are on the website, sign in to the existing account you are using.

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When you’re done with your login information, look at the top right of the screen with your current username. Click the down arrow button and click Account settings.

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In the account settings, go to account details. Scroll down until you see a file Battle tag.

BatteTag is IGN as well as your tag, hence the name BattleTag. This is what your friends will look for if they want to send you a friend request.

To change it, go to Modernization And you will be able to write your new BattleTag. However, you must remember that You can only change your BattleTag for free once. If you have already used it, but still want to change it, you should buy it for $10.

Source: YourSixGaming

Once you have already thought of your new BattleTag, click Change your BattleTag For confirmation. You will know it was changed successfully when you see a confirmation banner that says Your BattleTag has been updated to…

When you open Overwatch 2, you will be logged out due to the BattleTag change. Simply sign in again, and you’ll see your updated BattleTag on the top right of the screen.

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