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The “Excuse Me” achievement is one of Brigitte’s most accomplished achievements in the game. It required the use of one of her basic abilities to eliminate an opponent who foolishly approached the distance of Brigitte’s shield. New Brigitte players often have a hard time with this feat initially because it requires enough knowledge in their group to successfully achieve this feat.

Fortunately, this guide will help you finish this feat with ease. After unlocking this achievement, you will have a better understanding of how Brigitte’s group works, especially the best ways to use it barrier shield.

How do you open excuse me achievement?

Don’t let Brigitte’s description of “therapist” fool you. This Swedish wizard Flail packs a big punch against understated enemies. It is one of her abilities bash shield. This ability causes Brigitte to dash forward to stun her enemy with the Barrier Shield.

To unlock the achievement, you must Successfully kill the enemy hero With the ability of Shield Bash.

However, the difficulty with this feat is that Shield Bash is a close range attack. It takes your enemy close enough to be truly effective. Not only that, successfully eliminating an opponent using this skill requires the enemy to be present in it low health, Otherwise, you won’t be able to kill them.

The best way to unlock this achievement is to play with your team first. to be with your team It protects you Your teammates are allowed Perform better with your ability to heal.

Once you help your team with your abilities, the enemy team is more likely to recognize you as A Disturbance. Your recovery carries the team greatly! Therefore, the enemy will try to corner you and eliminate you from providing your teammates with much-needed healing.

As you may have guessed, This is a mistake. Brigitte is strong up close, so if they push you, you can use your strength missile strike to attack them. In the end, you will besiege an enemy with poor health.

After that, all it takes is to bring up the barrier shield and hit it with Bash shield. This ability instantly kills them if their health is low.

If you can successfully follow these steps, you will unlock this achievement in no time.