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NOMO CAM APK is an application that helps turn your Android device into a professional camera. The features provided in this application make it so that users do not need to focus on post-production editing anymore. Instead, you will focus more on photography, and loads of customizations from simple to advanced will help you create great photos.

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Introduction to NOMO CAM

NOMO CAM – The app offers many realistic camera customizations

Simulate realistic old movie cameras right on your Android device with the help of NOMO CAM now. This is a premium product from publisher Beijing Lingguang Zaixian Information Technology. Its main use is to give mobile photography enthusiasts more options when it comes to photography.

NOMO CAM is like a new camera that helps you take pictures in retro style. Simply use this app, angle, shoot, and get the finished product right away without going through a post-processing. The outstanding features available have helped this app reach more than 5 million installs on Google Play so far. You should try downloading it to check out the outstanding features it offers.

Real simulation of analog film camera

The way to use NOMO CAM is very simple and does not cause difficulties for any user. To use this app, users just need to select their favorite camera to start taking great pictures right away. Once you open the app, you will see a user interface similar to the design of the Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid camera.

This camera is free after installation, and you just need to touch any icon on the screen to interact with the camera. After successful customization, just choose the right angle and press the shutter button. It will take some time to create the images, just like a Polaroid movie that is sure to give you amazing retro style photos. Besides, users can also open the movie and shake the phone to speed up the image creation process.

Set the necessary settings

Before you start taking photos, you should make the necessary settings to create the best photos. NOMO CAM brings a lot of different customizations related to images such as curves, particles, dust, leaks and light streaks. Customization is also very simple, just touch the icons on the screen to see your favorite customizations. In addition, you can also reset important parameters after taking a photo to master the smallest details.

Post-treatment support

Image post-production support features are still built into NOMO CAM to meet the needs of the most advanced user. You can adjust some parameters like contour, filter, detail, double exposure or whatever you want. The more careful you are in post-processing, the more unique your work will be when creating it. Of course, the post-editing features are only a small part of this app. Even if you don’t use it, you can still create great photos in no time.

Lots of other cameras available

As mentioned, NOMO CAM offers not only a few regular camera models but also dozens of original analog film camera simulations waiting for you to discover. Accordingly, you can easily access dozens of popular movie cameras from the past to the present. Some notable names can be mentioned like Leica M3, M6, Hasselblad 503, Ricoh GR and many more.

Each camera emulator has its own distinct streak. For example, some cameras also have useful manual controls such as ISO or shutter speed. According to information from the publisher, new camera models will be constantly updated in the near future. This will help users to access more types of cameras to meet their shooting needs.

Fantastic interface

The interface of NOMO CAM simply describes all the outstanding features of nostalgic cameras. Each type will have a separate design that users can easily distinguish. Of course, the virtual buttons built into the screen will help you interact with camera customizations more easily. They are all inspired by many old analog cameras, so you’ll quickly feel familiar from the first time you use them.


Step 1: Click on the link available at the bottom of this article to download the app to the device.

Step 2: Allow the device to access unknown apps, then the installation will be done automatically.

Step 3: The installation is complete, just click on the NOMO CAM icon on the home screen and try it out right away.

Download NOMO CAM APK for Android

As you can see, the simulated cameras in NOMO CAM actually change the image area just like you added a lens to your phone. This will make users feel like they are taking great pictures from real movie cameras. Don’t miss showing up on this app on our website if you don’t want to go through the cumbersome post-processing steps but still create unique images.

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