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Once you start playing this game, you will notice that it seems that you have come to another world in the medieval era. You can meet powerful knights, charming wizards, and even ferocious dragons. Not only that, but you will also experience building different infrastructures in the Middle Ages.

To make the story short, you will have to use all your creativity and build knowledge in playing this game. But to help you out, we made this for you as a guide to everything in the medieval story puzzle.

All medieval story puzzle solutions in LEGO Bricktales

There are different infrastructures that will test your creativity, and here’s how to solve each.

Note that there are different ways to solve each puzzle. But these solutions provided are the simplest.

coal cart

Source: Trophy Tom

Use all four pieces in the upper right corner. This will serve as the body of the cart. Then, get one piece of the long brick that you can see at the bottom. Place it on one of the longer sides of the stroller in the back.

Next, get 2 pieces of 8 pieces of long bricks. Place one brick on each of the short sides.

The next piece will be three of the eight pieces of the piece with a slope. Attach them to the front side of the wagon. This charcoal will give a smooth movement when tilted when transporting the charcoal.

stone bridge

Source: Trophy Tom

To get started, first pick up the four curved bases and place them in each corner near the two platforms. Next, get four of the 8 pieces of short rectangular bricks and place them on top of each curved base.

Now, get the two large squares and place each on the entrance step for both sides of the bridge.

Using three of the 4 pieces of rectangular bricks, fill in the gaps in the middle of the bridge.

Sitting Wizard’s Pet

Source: Trophy Tom

Start by getting a piece of 4 pieces of square brick and stick it under the floating piece. Next, get one of the two pieces of the square with a sloping bottom and stack them together.

Get another piece of the first brick and attach the left dots under the first brick. Get another piece of square brick with a sloping bottom, and add it under the flat layer. This should look like this.

Get all the columns and put them together in pairs. Then get the only rectangular piece of brick with a sloping base, and thread it through the third point.

Next is 1 piece of 4 pieces with 2 points and a sloping bottom. Place in the back aisle of the perch. Next, grab all six short bricks to make a stand. perch to sit.

we will

Source: Trophy Tom

Start by using four of the 8 shorter bricks. Put them in the middle part where the water source hole is. Make sure to stack it over two.

This should be how it would look.

Next, grab the spool with a bucket and place it on the stacked bricks.

As simple as that, you can actually use your well.


This is another simple one.

Start by taking four pieces out of the six small poles and placing them in the brown space. Make sure they are the same in pattern. Then put both boards on top.


For this, start with all five rectangular pieces with slanted bottoms. Next, take five of the eight white and rectangular pieces. Put them above the rules.

Get four of the small poles and place them on the four corners. Find 12 short rectangles with a sloping bottom. Use four of these and place them on top of the short sticks. With its pointed sides facing each other. This is how it should look.

Get four of the 24 whiteboard pieces and place them on top of the pieces earlier, leaving two spaces in the middle.

Use two more short poles, and place them under the end of the plank gap in the middle. On each pole, place a short rectangular piece with a sloping bottom. On top of it, add a short rectangular piece to level the platform.

King’s throne

To do this, grab one piece from the raised platform at the top right. Then add the two brackets on the back side of the previous piece.

On top of it, add antler decorations, put the two golden poles on it. Place the crown on top of the golden sticks and place the king’s model.

glorious statue scene

Use the decorative pallets on the right side to create a porch-style backdrop. Make sure it will look like this.

Next, use four of the available poles and place them on a raised platform. Make sure to place them symmetrically.

To finish, add the monster, king, and open chest.

banquet table

Begin working on the table legs by adding four of the 8 individual points. Put each in the designated space.

Get two long boards and use them to connect the shorter sides of the table. Next, use six of the 8 pieces of long boards to make the body of the table. Add eight of the 20 soft brown chipboard. Put them in the middle part of the table.

To fill in the spaces on the longer side, use eight of 16 pieces of thinner board.

Make the table more sturdy by adding seven of the 12 pieces of board under the table.