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Lanotta – a challenging and dynamic music game It is the latest mobile music game product from Noxy Games. When playing, you need to tap on the notes that fall from the turntable. Lanota currently offers two game modes from Tune and Purify. There are also three levels of Whisper, Acoustic, and Ultra. In the music group, we have three music libraries which are Harmony, Tune and Fail.

All ten speeds are available for you to choose from. The requirements for passing each level are also different. But don’t worry, you will get used to it. Lanota promises to bring a new and fun experience to players. With product creations, we firmly believe that you won’t find another game that has such a gameplay as Lanota.

They have an engaging story where players can import many types of characters, and move around the map to find and explore unknown lands. Besides the different story as compared to other music games, the gaming experience is also quite different. Players will run around a large circle with icons that move quickly around the screen. Lanota has ten levels divided into three different levels, with 16 songs and books that showcase the style of this game.

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general information

Lanota is one of the few music games with a story, and players will play many characters to explore unknown lands on the map. The Lanota console is unique. The game will provide a large circle that constantly rotates on the screen. The player has to deal with the keys on the circle. With strange features, the game attracts a lot of music lovers to come and play. Lanota contains 16 songs with 3 different difficulty levels.

Lanotta is basically a novel. The gameplay with an amazing new mix. It comes from new beats released by the independent game studio in Taiwan. With her endless love for music, this label has created a promising game. They set this mobile game in a world where a terrible disaster has robbed all colors and sounds. Players in the game will join the adventures of the heroes by telling a touching story from an art book.

The game contains 16 great songs performed by famous artists around the world, along with their stories. If you are a fan of rhythm-based games, Lanota is the game for you.

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How to play Lanota?

Lanota is a rhythm game that brings you great music with unique visuals. I recently combined a musical game, a role-playing game, and a picture book for curious young people. Players will participate in many heroes in Lanota.

They built Lanota based on an intriguing scenario in a world where a terrible catastrophe occurred, removing all color and sound. The task of the player is to play the role of heroes, explore the misty map and restore the world. You’ll read a picture book that explains everything that happened on the trip and collects the musical elements. The game offers 16 great songs performed by famous artists with touching stories.

Lanota offers ten levels in many difficulties for beginners, advanced players and expert players to choose the right scheme for their needs. View your achievements and leaderboards, compete with players from all over the world, or share your Lanota memories via Facebook and Twitter with your friends. Download the game and start a new interesting experience if you are a fan of music.

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Overall Ratings

Lanota is a special sonic game. Based on the sound game, they add that the plot makes this game more attractive. The game is divided into many chapters. Players need to keep challenging themselves to pass the level. In one chapter, we share some tips for beginners to get started quickly. Let’s take a look at how to play.

According to the rhythm of the music, tapping the right beats with your fingers requires you to have a strong sense of the music, work under the rhythm, explore and move forward. It differs from previous music games in that the notes are dropped from top to bottom. The notes float from the inside out, and different notes will appear around the disc. We need to tap quickly or tap and hold to handle it. Exercises the ability to manipulate the player’s fingers.

We can select four different difficulty modes such as Whisper, Acoustic, Ultra and Master. You can adapt to your habits. The tempo speed, tempo rule and game mode can be adjusted freely. You can start from the simplest when you are just starting out. Each song requires the player to meet different conditions to pass the level. One sheet is about to open the red disc and play all the songs.

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DEEMO is the name of a mysterious young man who lives alone in a castle. Thanks to his musical talent, DEEMO walks every night to the wonderful tunes of the piano. Then one day, suddenly, a little girl fell from the sky where the daimyo lives. Strangely enough, when she has no memories of herself, she does not know who she is or where she came from.

In DEEMO, the girl has a passion for music. She loves DEEMO’s music and becomes close. DEEMO realized that there was a small tree on the guitar, and each time it grew taller. Wishing her to be able to return to her world, DEEMO was determined to make the tree grow through melodies. But what will DEEMO look like when the budding friendship has to go? Is it when she finds her memory? How will all this be? It’s the touching story Rayark sent via DEEMO.

Nearly two years after the release of the great music game Cytus, Rayark has suddenly brought players a very classic DEEMO. In contrast to the novelty in Cytus, the gameplay in DEEMO is similar to games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

The notes will go down from top to bottom. They will accurately match the rhythm when they reach the last black line of touch. With successive notes, the player will have to swipe to touch all. Returning to this classic gameplay, Rayark didn’t make the player feel that DEEMO lacked creativity but was a good fit for the plot.

The game has three levels of easy, medium and hard. The speed system includes nine levels. The writer recommends this when you’re mature. You have to play from level 7 to feel like becoming a real pianist. With black and white as the dominant color tone, DEEMO’s graphics are artistic with detailed scenes and characters. The artwork for the game’s song selection is beautiful as well, and it’s a subtle blend of Japanese manga and Western Gothic.

last words

Lanota is also one of the music games. It gives players a new and exciting experience. With the creativity of the developer, we believe that it will be difficult for you to find an attractive game like Lanota in the Apple App Store.

Lanota is a game with an engaging story. Players will take on the role of iconic characters and explore unknown lands on the map. Not only is the story interesting, but the music in the game also has a very different gameplay. Players will perform operations in a circle and will have fast moving icons on the screen. They divide the game into three levels with ten levels and 16 songs.