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UNDEEMBER It is a Hack and Slash ARPG that was released on October 11th steam. One of the important questions everyone asks before jumping into the game is to see if the game is like that Pay to win.

Those who don’t want to spend money on a game may find it very frustrating when you have to buy something just to have a good gaming experience.

Take a quick look at what we’re saying and decide for yourself if it’s UNDEEMBER It is pay to win.

Currencies in Ondesember

UNDEEMBER Counts 7 different forms of currency. Technically, 9 of them.

  • He went
  • Diamond
  • ruby
  • gem of merit
  • Courage gemstone
  • Guild currency
  • Guild Seals

The latter two don’t matter much to us – their name can reveal that they are related to guild matters, so they’re likely to win by doing team activities, but that plays into the question, as any PvP content always leans towards a pay-to-win system, regardless of the game.

Gold is your base currency in this game. This and the gems you can get for free. Diamond and sapphire are Premium coin inside UNDEEMBERAnd, as you can see if you get into the paid store window, there are two variants of each: paid and free.

Having the latter means that you can get Premium coin From the game by playing without having to pay, but we can’t be sure how hard it is to get it, and how much.

What can you buy in Undecember

Crafting and enchanting ingredients in the game seems to be a tedious process. The store allows you to purchase it, and other features that improve the quality of your game experience such as caching and inventory are locked behind the premium currency.

The Package A section of the game paints a solid picture. Even the simplest packages cost hundreds of rubies and some even run into the thousands.

As mentioned earlier, you can earn rubies while playing freely, but players who spend money will have a definite advantage. The way re-rolls work can also be problematic, as people with gambling problems may fall prey to the system.


Despite all the previous points, it is undeniable that the game has also included several systems that make it F2P-friendly.

There are events that you can participate in to get rewards, and when you first join there is the classic type of logging in during the continuous days to win rewards, allowing you to get good equipment and other things to help you during your adventure.

Another foundation that helps F2P players is a pity system It guarantees you that after the number of re-rolls (1500 according to multiple sources – but we can’t confirm that yet) you’re guaranteed to get a skill of six sizes.


A lot of great features and important resources of the game can be paid for, and this is an ultimate advantage for the paying players, so the game Pay to win.

However, this does not mean that it is inoperable as it does in many other cases. You can browse individual content without having to pay for anything, and if you are willing to grind things out, you will get rewarded for it.

Since the gameplay is also a bit more interactive than just tapping on enemies and watching your character hit them, buying stuff isn’t enough to win. The gap between “whales” (paying players) and free players is there, and to be fair, it’s always there in any game, but in Undecember it’s not gigantic.

Does the position pay to win? He first appeared in Games Fuze.