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As a kid, you probably also wanted to go to space and dream about it. Well, Walternate Realities released a new game on October 24, 2022, especially for you.

Cosmoteer is a game of designing and building your own ship while also being strategic while facing other ships of your opponents. This game allows you to unleash your creativity to control other spaceships and ensure your survival.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to start your journey as a spaceship architect and captain at Cosmoteer.

Cosmoteer’s Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Before you begin your journey into space, there are still plenty of things to consider. You can’t jump into it without knowing anything.

To help you with that, here are some points that you should know as a beginner in the game.

ship picking

Source: FallenShogun Gaming

Your spaceship is the most important element that you should be aware of. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose from three options of ships: Model C, Model L or Model S..

Source: FallenShogun Gaming

Model C stands for Defender. This ship requires ammunition to be stocked in order to launch it.

It is better for the cannon ship to penetrate the armor and shields of your opponent’s ship. In fact, landing in an attack may cause a fire in the inner chambers.

This is a relatively closer range than the other two. However, it is less accurate compared to other models.

Source: FallenShogun Gaming

For the Model L, the primary weapon is the laser. Requires renewable energy in order to fire.

This has a longer range and is more accurate than the first. However, their lasers can only reach one block at a time.

Source: FallenShogun Gaming

Last but not least is the Model S that is the shield. You can see a blue arc in front of the ship which is the shield of the model generated by the shield generator.

Even though it was named after the shield that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good offense. Just like the previous one, it also has a pair of precision lasers.


Source: FallenShogun Gaming

Your ship cannot operate without internal procedures. Each ship has several rooms, and these rooms require energy to operate.

At a glance, you can already tell if the room is running out or if it is running out. If you can see that the room is working, it sure has energy. However, if you see the electricity icon, this means that the room is down.

But don’t worry, the crews will power the room you need.

Reactor and cockpit

Aside from the rooms, your ship also houses the two most important components of your ship. These are the reactor core and cockpit.

Once the ship’s cockpit is destroyed, this entire ship is already considered scrap or wreck. Failure to fix it means game over.

On the other hand, the reactor core is what powers the energy weapons, engines, and the entire ship. When this reactor is damaged, it causes an explosion that can damage adjacent rooms and engulf much of the ship in fire.


This large structure that you can see is the station. You can find and start missions here.

You can get to the station by pressing the Comms button and directing it to the station. Doing so opens a tab where there is a list of quests to take, hire crews, salvage or loot trades, and new room layouts.

Finishing missions is important to increase your reputation. The higher the reputation, the more crews you can hire.