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Every child loves a colorful house. You can make it look more fun and attractive by painting a variety of colors in House Paint. As a painter, your task is to cover white walls with different colors. Direct gameplay. Swipe left, right, up, and down to move the paint roller into positions, filling in the white spaces. When the progress bar reaches 100%, you have completed the level and moved to a new level.

It looks easy to play, but not everyone can solve the puzzle in it house paint. There will come a time when you can’t finish painting the house without the right paint roller movement strategy. The roller is very sensitive. As long as you slide your finger gently in one direction, it will immediately move in that direction until it hits the other side of the wall to stop. Therefore, if you do not move intelligently and leave a cell in the middle of the wall empty, it will be difficult to paint in that place.

general information

House Paint is a house painting game with many game play levels for two players. This game is available for your child as it trains the skills of using colors. For children when creating and coloring the house with many colors, it does not affect their learning and training.

House Paint offers many house models. To complete the game, you need to use colors to paint the house after you finish coloring all the white spaces in the new player’s house scenario. Download games to challenge your imagination and aesthetics.

House Paint provides players with many levels of gameplay. The levels will be from easy to hard. Players will complete small levels and unlock a new one with a higher difficulty level. Therefore, you will not get bored while participating in this colorful game.

House Paint provides simple house drawings. You can freely paint the house in different colors at your own pace, so that the children can see this as a place for imagination. In the game, you can teach children to distinguish different colors from drawing to reality. It is difficult to combine different colors to make the house more beautiful. So, you need a combination of colors to create a beautiful, balanced and harmonious home. Players can learn some color games, such as teaching children to distinguish colors that are specifically presented on our site.

Feature guides

House Paint comes with more than 40 coloring pages with many beautiful house patterns, and six types of brushes in bright colors for you to choose to color. The application also synthesizes many unique stickers, which are completely free to use for you to create your creations. House Paint collects 40+ coloring pages with many beautiful house patterns and many designs with many patterns for kids to choose from with unlimited coloring.

The app bundles five types of paintbrushes with nearly 100 different, vibrant, and shiny colors such as glitter, watercolor paint, and crayons. Also, House Paint collects more than 70 stickers such as hearts, sun and stars for you to choose from, creating more highlights for your work.

When you exit, the app will automatically save your work. You can easily recolor it next time if it is still incomplete. The app integrates an undo and back tool to help you go back to previous coloring steps or delete the full color if it smudges the color. You can also enlarge or reduce the work for easier coloring.

House Paint has a simple interface. Choose the design, then color it according to your preference. Finally, create works that are exclusive only to you. House Paint collects over 40 designs, including five unique brushes and shimmering colours. The application has a simple interface and is completely free. Install the app directly on your device to keep you entertained.

Overall Ratings

House Paint is a casual mobile puzzle game with uncompressed graffiti gameplay. The game has great graphics, colorful colors, simple gameplay and has a variety of levels. Players need to move quickly to paint the house. Time is still limited! If you like, come and download it from our site!

This is a unique decompression coloring game. Players color the house constantly by moving the screen to complete the given tasks. We can challenge multiple levels. The game needs to find some skills to pass the level!

House Paint is a coloring game for healing and stress reduction. Direct method of operation. Players just need to control your board to slide to complete the coloring. There are difficult levels, although not too difficult. But it is good to pass the boring time.

Nearly a hundred different levels, different appearances of houses, windows, flowers, air conditioners, bring freshness to players. Players only need to choose the direction to control the square to move in a straight line. It’s easy to use. Whether you are experienced in mobile games, you can easily try this game. The game adopts low poly style. The image is relatively animated, the edges and corners are sharp, and the object maps are very good. It is an excellent way to highlight its characteristics and create a relaxed atmosphere for the players.

House Paint is an excellent coloring game for healing and stress relief. The method of operation is simple. Players just need to control your board to slide to complete the coloring. There are rich levels. It’s tough, but it’s still nice to pass the boring time. If you are interested, download it now.

House Paint is a casual game. Players need to control a sponge square covered with paint in the game to paint the houses with different appearances with bright and colorful colors. The levels are unique. The difficulty is medium and the music is full of dynamics.

It is a very relaxing coloring game, which is very similar to the popular Roller Splat before. However, the level is displayed in 3D view on the screen. Low poly style is good too. You need to move your hand to control the sliding of the skateboard to complete the coloring work. It’s easy, but it can pass the boring time. If you like it, download it now.

The coloring game is suitable for de-stressing. Pixel Art: Color by number provides you with a variety of cute patterns. You need to color according to the numbers given by the game. Every time you complete a job, you have a sense of accomplishment. Everyone loves to play with paint.

You can paint colors with 2D and 3D graphics. Coloring is fun. You can have fun and teach your kids how to color by numbers and family shapes. It can also help you learn mathematical calculations. It is very fun and free to play!

Coloring has never been easier. There is no pressure to buy and choose colors. The game is suitable for all ages such as adults, toddlers, elderly and children. To help you pass the time and study, you can greatly improve your English language skills. Show your creativity. There is no need to attend a fee class, nor is there a need to pay.

last words

In House Paint, the game difficulty level increases gradually. However, for the design purpose of helping players relax, House Paint does not require you to think or calculate much. The game is suitable for people to entertain after hours of stressful work or when only a few minutes of sudden breaks.

Besides a fun puzzle game, House Paint features simple graphics, bright colors, and eye-catching design. If you are looking for another stress relief game after trying Johnny Trigger, Jelly Shift, DOP: Draw One Part and Perfect Slices, try House Paint.